Sunday, March 22, 2009

MOA Talent Extravaganza

One day i was at work and talking with a fellow gaurd (902) and he it came out that he played the bagpipes. i have known him for like 2 years and i had never known. i wanted to hear it sometime.. and then i was thinking, there are probably a lot of other hidden talents harbored by the people i work with that i don't know.
the idea of the MOA Talent Extravaganza was born.

I thought it would probably just be one of those really good ideas that you have, but never come to pass. but it actually all came together. and it was a GOOD time. the work i put into it was all worth it, and i think after such a success there will be many more MOA talent extravaganza's to come.

well the night came, and i was scared of people deciding they didn't actually want to do anything... and not showing up, but luckily that wasn't the case. and like i thought--- there was a lot of talent.

Bryn (who helped me out) and i decided to have Frank be the M.C. he was an excellent choice, the perfect host. for those of you who know chris mulley already pretty much know frank. i think they are SO much alike, and his MC'ng was just like chris and that Enmax wheel ( i can just hear chris in my head "SPIN THE WHEEL" in a great game show host voice)

pete sang some songs he wrote for his wife and his daughter. this picture is ironic, because he was singing this song about how much he loved his daughter.. but when she wanted him to pick him up while singing, he ignored her. haha.. at least she has a song though right?

well we had everything from bagpipes to nunchuks. i put together a little video montage of the night. it doesn't have everything.. but its a good representation.
but one person who i don't have picture or footage of, is kyle.. who showed us video and pictures from when he was serving his country in Iraq. It was really cool to see and hear about. Gotta love those troops and be grateful for the service they give.

to catch a glimpse of the talent at the Museum of Art.. check this out.

some other lyrics to that last song are this:
Looking at the room, I can tell that you.
Are the most beautiful girl in
(In the whole wide room).
And when you're on the street, depending on the street.
I bet you are definitely in the top three.
Good lookin' girls on the street.

I see you standing all alone by the stereo.
I dim the lights down to very low, here we go
You're so beautiful.
You could be a waitress.
You're so beautiful.
You could be a air hostess in the 60s.
You're so beautiful.
You could be a part-time model.
But you'd probably still have to keep your normal job.
Lets get in a cab. I'll buy you a kabob.
I can't believe. I'm sharing a kabob.
With the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kabob.

we finished the night with refreshments. including some russian treat that dasha made. yumm

p.s. in other news. i got bangs.


.Ang. said...

Good job with the Talent show!!!!


I love you!! and i miss you. and that last song was great!! haha

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE BANGS!!! you look freaking awesome!!!! I miss you so much! I am so excited the talent show was a hit! wish i was there to see it! you are amazing! in every way!

Michael Jay said...

I understand the term "Light Refreshments" but why do people have to say that. Is there someone out there who has "Heavy Refreshments" and what does THAT include?

Burgess Family said...

Great job in making things happen!!!

Enjoyed the video...wished I could have been there for the whole night.

And you are looking great with your bangs.

Wilma said...

Sorry we weren't there for the talent show to share in all the festivities. You really pulled it're not ALL TALK, and now your coworkers know that!

It sure looks like it was an enormous success! Great job!

I love the bangs!

I hope the mid terms were a success also!

K's said...

Loved the last song the best - would've liked to hear it all.

You are an amazing special event planner - you make the fun happen. Thanks for sharing.