Sunday, March 15, 2009

they say its your birthday tomorrow

okay.. so Jamie's birthday isn't til tomorrow. but i wanted to make sure that i got this up!!

I can't believe you are turning SIXTEEEN JJ! holy moly.

I can't wait to watch 'my super sweet 16' featuring you...
or maybe just see some pictures on facebook or dad's blog or something

Jamie i love you. i can't wait to come home to cuddle with you in like a month! WOOOO HOOO!!

sure love you
i hope you enjoy this ( i had so much great stuff to work with) but i just did it quick


.Ang. said...

AWW Little Jamie is turning 16.. I can't even believe it!!!

That slide show was perfect!!! Captured the essence of JJ Perfectly!!!


(and i ignored the part about Nsync)

LOve you!!!

Judy Takahashi said...

I love it Alana!
You sent Jamie off to dream of her 16th birthday with a smile on her face.

Love you!

jaQ-ee said...

Loved it alana! Too bad I wasnt on Gmail with you when you posted it. Cuz now I lost my "first comment" status. Dang

But, great video and great pictures! Jamie is so unique and funny and I just love her!

Great song choices. And I didnt even hear the n'sync part ;)

Melissa said...

Ok I loved the song playing on the video. It was awesome

Wilma said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!

You did a wonderful job Alana, a perfect gift for not only Jamie to enjoy but all of us.

Like everyone in your family, no matter what face is made, Jamie looks GOOD! Jamie sure has grown up, it's hard to believe that she is 16! And talk about beautiful...AND funny....and very Asian looking at times...she's the whole package.

May said...

I loved the video. It was great to see the pictures of all the girls.
Sweet sixteen. Its hard to believe Jamie is ready to
drive on her own. Sooo grown up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ALANA!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

remember when we were going to take a picture a day, because if we did, you could have had 365 pictures in that slide show!

but i love you and i can't wait to see you.

yes auntie wilma, i am very asian at times. I am glad you all enjoyed looking at pictures of my making a FOOL of myself at moments. it was great. Props to you Alana (i almost wrote Erika there)

love Jamie

Anonymous said...

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