Sunday, April 19, 2009

just another one of the greats

Along the same lines.. i wanted to talk about Fathers.  There have been a great few fathers in our world. 

Albert Einstein, the father of Special and General Theories of Relativity.
Ever heard of E=MC2? yah.. this guy thought of that.

George Washington, Father of our nation (speaking as someone living in the United States of America). And if you are Indian (brown as some people say in Canada) then the father of your nation is Ghandi.  Both loved and respected men, who have accomplished great things and will go down in history. 

Then of course there is Darth Vader, Lukes father.  You can't talk about famous fathers without mentioning him.  

I also feel the need to mention this guy:

Doug Takahashi, father of 6 amazing daughters. And the best dad and the world. 
Not to mention, father celebrating his FIFTIETH birthday today. 

I would love to agree with everything Angie said in her blog. its all true. my dad is amazing. 
He has always been there for me as long as i can remember. 

he is so patient and kind. and knows how to rock out. 
There is nothing that we don't have 'the technology for' and will figure out how to do just about anything.  Like make these little missionary tag things.
Some of my favorite memories with him are from when i would get home from a late night and he would be asleep on the couch, but wake up and we would watch Iron Chef together and talk. 
That is where he gets his talent in taste testing
He is passionate about the things he loves. his family, church, running and headlamps to name a few. 
he won over the heart of my mom. which showed his persistance.  i admire him for how hard working he is. 

i have always enjoyed how my dad has trusted me. with things big and small, like cutting his hair, or driving his car to utah when i was 16. 

he has always encouraged us to learn how to do things ourselves and has taught all of us girls all sorts of things, especially when he was finishing our basement.  Tiling was done, drywall.. and although i didn't learn how to do all of that stuff.. between my sisters and i, i think we could do it. 

also. he has a healthy apetite. (it must be where candi gets it)

This guy LOVES him.  Well both of his grandkids just think he is the greatest thing.  because brylie can talk, she is more vocal about it.  He likes that she thinks the world of him, but really he thinks the world of them. 
He is really amazing because he can sleep just about anywhere. 
Since hawaii has become a part of our family he has tried to so the "shaka" in almost every picture he can. he is trying to do it below. 
I love how he has such a great sense of humor. 
And will pose in front of people i want to take pictures of. (remember i thought this guy looked like the guy in that christmas movie)
And sometimes he breaks the rules. 
And sometimes he keeps them. 
He really can fix anything, or is willing to try.  He normally does pretty good. i like that about him. 

He really is just another one of the greats, but perhaps the greatest.  I hope he enjoys his FIFTIETH birthday. 

i sure love him a lot!

Happy birthday dad!

My dad came to visit and he made a new best friend. Blade.  Blade also shares his birthday with my dad. 
I love this little guy, i am glad i have been living down here so i could get to know him better.  I love to play with him.  Happy Birthday Blade!!


jaQ-ee said...

so clever alana. Always so clever.

Happy birthday blade and uncle doug!

.Ang. said...

I love this!

It perfectly describes him!! :)

We have the best dad EVER!

Burgess Family said...

That was well put together. Thanks for sharing the tribute of your Dad with us. It's amazing how you can get so many pictures put together so well.

Happy Birthday Doug and Blade

Wilma said...

You do have a wonderful DAD! It's apparent today that he also has wonderful daughters...your Mom and Dad have done a great job!

I have the same genetics as your Dad but somehow mine must have been mutated along the way because dang, I want to be more like your dad.

Thanks for the birthday wish for Blade! He has been wanting to be "4" for months now.

Papahashi said...

Thanks Alana. Another post that made my eyes water.

Love Dad

May said...

Just for the records- Your Dad was a pretty good son too. He never really gave us cause to worry.
He also has a wonderful family You all love and appreciate him for who he is- a great father.
Thanks Alana for all the pictures.How do you find them and put them on the blog.I loved all the pictures. Thanks for the memories.