Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks Brylie!!!

maybe some of you read this on angie's blog. Well candi and i finally finished up this project for Brylie.

Well Brylie-girl... remember when you made these dolls with your mom? Candi and i took them to this special place so that they can get sent to all the little kids that don't have toys.

This is what the place looked like outside. That white plastic bag i am holding has all the dolls you made in it.

Here are some of the other kinds of toys that people make for these kids that otherwise wouldn't have any toys.

The kids are SO happy that there are kind people in the world who want them to have toys too.

your dolls could go ANYwhere in the world.

And they will cheer up who-ever gets them.

When we gave your dolls to the man at the humanitarian aide center, he said ThANK YOu SO MUCH!!

thank you so much brylie!!


Burgess Family said...

Alana and Candi, what a honor to make the final delivery of the dolls...and so exciting.

Angie and Brylie you did a great job making them...I am soooo impressed.

May said...

Good Job Brylie. and Angie. Those dolls are really cute. I am sure the kids who receive them will be

Michael E. said...

Wow. My cousins are legit.

The Ortons said...

Dude I kinda teared up reading that.

jaQ-ee said...


.Ang. said...

Thanks Lan!

I showed it to Brylie and she couldn't stop smiling!!!


KandyJill said...

That's soo so so cute! Those were the cutest dolls too. Such a nice post for Brylie!