Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my day off work

when i was little i thought people only worked monday-friday with weekends off. 

once i actually entered the work force i realized that that wasnt neccessarily true at all. 

i work weekends (minus sundays) and i get random days off in the week.. like tuesdays.  not a big deal to most people working i know. but today i decided to document what i did today. just because my blog has been so boring lately. 

so today.. i woke up. checked out angie's blog and then went upstairs to eat a bagel and watch some price is right and what not to wear with erika.  then i made erika come with me and run errands. 

first stop the mail box. 

then to the asian friendly bank.   basically we live in chinatown.  the signs even have translations.

then we drove more

to one of my favorite places. the library. 
we looked through the books. reading the back covers and judging books completely by their covers.  erika and i both admit to doing this. 
we got some books that *hopefully* are winners. you can never really know forsure. 
we got home and i noticed these little flowers blooming outside the front door.

and i ate one of these cookies. 
dad keeps talking about how mom forgot to cook them and that he will probably get sick because he ate them raw. yes-- they are no bake cookies. and yes -- he does think he's funny. haha
then i got down to reading and studying this. 
all day i wore this hoodie-- because 1) its cold in canada and 2) i miss byu. 

after i made some important phone calls and now i'm updating my blog 
i have plans to dive into one of those books i got 
and then try to avoid candi when she gets home from work and wants to work out

just kidding. 
 but i don't feel like working out. 
she will make me... i am so lucky to have her around :)

what a great day off.. and its only 3pm

utah - now. coming home

Soo.. i have been home for a while now. 

just browsing through my camera i realized there were some things that i never posted that really deserve to be posted. heres whats been happening since school ended

these pictures are in chronological order
Dad thought of this picture, the placement of me in the picture is perfect.. me where i worked at the 'museum FART'.  he thinks he isn't the first one to ever have taken this picture. but i think he is. museum people don't like to make fun of stuff like this. i think its hilarious. 

Its supposed to look like he's missing teeth. once again.. all his idea. 
i am so glad mom and dad and the little girls could come get me and all my stuff from school. we had a lot of fun hanging out with the gathers (we always do). and these next few shots are from chays soccer game.  i like all that is going on in this picture. the excitement in erika and nicoles face and auntie wilma and mom. and the fact that blade is running away from us and no one seems too worried. 

chay and his friend
blade and the friend he made
since being home there have been lots of these kind of pictures
this kid was on the opposing team and we couldn't help but admire the braid in his hair
i remember laughing REALLY hard at this kid playing soccer. not because he didn't play well, but because we couldn't help but imagine that he was blind with his sunglasses on.  thinking about a blind person playing soccer was really funny, and trying to figure out how he always knew where the ball was and stuff. hahah good times. 
blade and another friend he made
then we were home. and there was the unforgettable birthday of jenelle. where she recieved tickets to the jonas brothers concert. despite the look on her face, she is very happy and not sad or in any type of pain at all. 
she was brought to tears
more pictures
we iced sugar cookies

watched basketball games
took more pictures
and more pictures... 

and when i'm not taking pictures i am working in the proshop of a golf course. 

do i golf?? Not yet.