Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'm so tired of the phone


i love you.

i wish you were closer

dis... dis is for the newsies

jk... it's for you

Saturday, July 25, 2009

.. but you will

i had started a birthday post for erika on July 13th.. (her birthday, how fitting?) 

but it never got finished

soo.. i put this together tonight

its not great.. not like erika's movies

but i really will hate to see her go

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i've been to the year 3000

The long awaited Jonas Brother concert finally came.

We drove up to edmonton as sisters (we missed Angie..) and went to the mall. the shopping wasn't that great so we went to get something to eat. Appetizers at Kelsey's.. a favorite.

then we went to jacqui's condo to get ready (thanks to jacqui for letting us crash their and being such a great host)

wondering about the sweet shirts we are wearing? well angie couldn't be there in person.. so she made these awesome shirts for us to wear to the concert. they were PERFECT!!!

We had to have a photoshoot to show them off.. i really REALLY loved them.

The concert was REALLY good. i mean it was the Jonas Brothers. they were really good live and us, like the other thousands of girls there, were swooning after these 3 boys.

they even sang year 3000, and we thought about how much brylie would have loved that.

Thanks Ang for the awesome t-shirts. see.. we actually did go to the concert.

JB fans for life

only comes once a week

Just a few pictures..

Erika and Jamie made a cake... this cake on wednesday.. that we had to eat on wednesday

Jamie loved the irony of the cake, making and eating it on wednesday.

We attended Lauryns baptism.

and on the way to the 'after-party' we drove past this...

it seemed so big when i was little

we also got to drive past this..
it used to be green.. a normal looking green in color. but who wants that when you can have mustard and tangerine stripes?