Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'm so tired of the phone


i love you.

i wish you were closer

dis... dis is for the newsies

jk... it's for you


Erika said...

It's true. She is pretty amazing!

Melissa said...

Hey Alana... what song was that? Also great post.

Lana Dawn said...

umm its relient (reliant?) k - at least we made it this far

jaQ-ee said...

well that was cute. Good job alana. Love you! And angie too. Love!

Wilma said...

You did a great job Alana...I bet you and Angie are both feeling the effects of your work!

Love you both also!

May said...

I just got on your blog. I guess I haven't been on for a couple of days. That was a cute post. You did a good job ;Loved it.

The Ortons said...

Dude I couldnt even hear the music cause Im on a work computer, but I still teared up from the words and the pictures. I love all your sisters. I love you Alana.

p.s. I was in a pic from graduation like 8 years ago muahhaha. classy. I love you

The Ortons said...

And another P.S. I laughed about the newsies comment bahahaha. you are my best friend and its been a really long time since we've caught up. its been a lame summer.