Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i've been to the year 3000

The long awaited Jonas Brother concert finally came.

We drove up to edmonton as sisters (we missed Angie..) and went to the mall. the shopping wasn't that great so we went to get something to eat. Appetizers at Kelsey's.. a favorite.

then we went to jacqui's condo to get ready (thanks to jacqui for letting us crash their and being such a great host)

wondering about the sweet shirts we are wearing? well angie couldn't be there in person.. so she made these awesome shirts for us to wear to the concert. they were PERFECT!!!

We had to have a photoshoot to show them off.. i really REALLY loved them.

The concert was REALLY good. i mean it was the Jonas Brothers. they were really good live and us, like the other thousands of girls there, were swooning after these 3 boys.

they even sang year 3000, and we thought about how much brylie would have loved that.

Thanks Ang for the awesome t-shirts. see.. we actually did go to the concert.

JB fans for life


.Ang. said...

I'm still sad I couldn't be there with you guys!! But I'm glad you got the shirts and I'm glad they fit! It took me SO long to pick them out at ross and try to figure out sizes and styles for each of you.

you all looked great! I love you all so much!!!

I bet you all had a BLAST!

love you guys!

.Ang. said...

OH, and I wanted to say that you all have REALLY cute bums!

Wilma said...

That Ang is so talented and thoughtful!

You all looked great in your shirts and I'm glad you had a great time!

I'm actually familiar with the song "I've been to the year 3000" and during the performance we saw, I could actually sing along to some of it.

May said...

Sounds like it was a great evening! The T shirts were a cute idea. Did you cause a sensation at the concert?

Melissa said...

Holy those shirts are rad! And I agree... your bums are adorable.

The Ortons said...

All of you sisters are GORGESOUS.
i went to JB in provo at stadium of fire last week when uncle ross stumbled across some free tickets like usual. IT WAS AWESOME. I miss you so much. I love you a ton.

kandicejill said...

Freak, those shirts are SO cute! You artsy Taki girls! That concert looks like it was such a blast too! Glad you had fun! :D LOVE YOU

KandyJill said...

Oh by the way, I finally posted again... twice! Haha.