Tuesday, July 7, 2009

only comes once a week

Just a few pictures..

Erika and Jamie made a cake... this cake on wednesday.. that we had to eat on wednesday

Jamie loved the irony of the cake, making and eating it on wednesday.

We attended Lauryns baptism.

and on the way to the 'after-party' we drove past this...

it seemed so big when i was little

we also got to drive past this..
it used to be green.. a normal looking green in color. but who wants that when you can have mustard and tangerine stripes?


.Ang. said...

I miss you guys a lot!

and our house on benson road.

Burnds house reminds me of Sesame street for some reason.

I love Jamie and all her crazy Ideas! that cake looked awesome!!!

Love you!

Wilma said...

That was an amazing cake! Blade now wants me to make him one like that.

What were you girls drinking????

Lana Dawn said...

we were drinking juice.. it was really good. i have no idea what was in it.

May said...

Its so nice to hear that you girls all have so much fun together.You will all have great memories.These days are short lived. in a few years you will all have your own lives and families and it will be fun but different.
So-oo enjoy while you can.