Tuesday, August 25, 2009

but i want an ooma loompa NOWWW!!!

I've got a Golden Ticket.

okay not really.. but we did manage to get a tour of a chocolate factory while the Gathers were in town

So much time so little to do--- strike that, reverse it. 

it wasn't willy wonka's.. the strawberries probably didn't taste like strawberries and the Shnozzberries probably didn't taste like Shnozzberries. but the chocolate tasted good
the picture below depicts just how exciting it was. i love blades face

inside these boxes are fizzy lifting drinks.. just kidding
BY GUM ITS GUM!!! jk.. just chocolate
here is where the tour was.. down this long hallway that our tour guide opened by playing a tune on a flute (jk.. but that is what Mr. Wonka would have done)

the oompa loompas here aren't green and short and have orange hair
but they still make good chocolate

they didn't sing or dance or try to do cartwheels either

these two were trying to take the everlasting gobbstoppers.. and give them to slugworth.

jk.. these are the samples we got. they totally jipped us on them though. she had  HUGE bag of samples and didn't share them too well, even after telling us all about how she can eat as much chocolate as she wants. 

Just some more shots of the oompa loompa's working
.. mmm chocolate

i thought this picture of this old chocolate mould they used to make was HILARIOUS.  imagine waking up to that easter morning.. 
ever wonder how they wrap the golden tickets in the candy bars.. the answer is below

all in all.. it was a good time. like our own personal 'unwrapped'. and i LOVE that sho

Sunday, August 23, 2009

return of the 80s lovers association

The crew has been reunited.  With the farewell of Dave and Wilma's family tomorrow as they head back down to the US of A we needed to end the trip with a bang.. or at least a video. 

it isn't quite as good without the help of Ang and Erika with editing but the dancing and all of that is still just as good.   The costumes were all provided by my dad and his sisters and grandma's tendency to not throw anything out.  

yes we know that this isn't all from the 80s.. but ENJOY! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

as of late...

i like lists.. any kind of list. i love to make to do lists, things to buy lists, all sorts of lists, even lists of inventory at work. so here is a list of what i'm thinking about right now...

1. i HATE needles... i am headed to a travel clinic after work to get a TB test and my hep A needle. hopefully this mission thing is worth it :)
2. i watched this when i was at work last week and i cried a little
- i don't even know why. its not like i've been following the story or anything, ok i kind of know why, when that one reporter was reunited with her daughter.. thats what got the water works going
3. i am excited for a reunion with the Gathers. Even if i just get to see them for a little bit.. i can't wait for it! i have missed them a lot being in canada this summer.
4. "way to use your elbows sir" i laugh everytime i am watchin morning highlights or SportsCenter (which i do quite a bit at the pro shop) and they show people in the crowd catching the balls that make it into the stands. I love how everyone always has to throw their arm up in the air after they make the catch. also i find this video kind of entertaining.. i think my dad will like it
5. i can't believe that brylie had her first day of school yesterday.. (featured on angie's blog)
i remember when i started school like it was yesterday. i think i had bobbles in my hair and i know i stressed about what i was going to wear...
6. do i have bad taste? the new girl at work told me that i have no idea what makes a good looking guy. you know what that means --- less competition for her cause we will NOT be going after the same guys