Tuesday, August 25, 2009

but i want an ooma loompa NOWWW!!!

I've got a Golden Ticket.

okay not really.. but we did manage to get a tour of a chocolate factory while the Gathers were in town

So much time so little to do--- strike that, reverse it. 

it wasn't willy wonka's.. the strawberries probably didn't taste like strawberries and the Shnozzberries probably didn't taste like Shnozzberries. but the chocolate tasted good
the picture below depicts just how exciting it was. i love blades face

inside these boxes are fizzy lifting drinks.. just kidding
BY GUM ITS GUM!!! jk.. just chocolate
here is where the tour was.. down this long hallway that our tour guide opened by playing a tune on a flute (jk.. but that is what Mr. Wonka would have done)

the oompa loompas here aren't green and short and have orange hair
but they still make good chocolate

they didn't sing or dance or try to do cartwheels either

these two were trying to take the everlasting gobbstoppers.. and give them to slugworth.

jk.. these are the samples we got. they totally jipped us on them though. she had  HUGE bag of samples and didn't share them too well, even after telling us all about how she can eat as much chocolate as she wants. 

Just some more shots of the oompa loompa's working
.. mmm chocolate

i thought this picture of this old chocolate mould they used to make was HILARIOUS.  imagine waking up to that easter morning.. 
ever wonder how they wrap the golden tickets in the candy bars.. the answer is below

all in all.. it was a good time. like our own personal 'unwrapped'. and i LOVE that sho


Wilma said...

You captured that tour perfectly!

Thanks so much for planning that tour and exposing us to a new chocolate experience.

I'm up working on my Canada entry but will finish it tomorrow. I'm going to refer to your entry for the tour because...well...yours is better than mine.

Shel said...

mmmm chocolate - canadian chocolate... mmmmmmm thank for the tour

Anonymous said...

It appeared to be an interesting tour.I didn't know there was a chocolate factory in
PS I have to sign my name because for some reason my .password won't work


The Ortons said...

WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT IS UP WITH ALL THOSE MUSHROOMS IN THE WINDOW? I LOVE IT. The tour looks sweet, MINUS ALL THE WILLY WONKA STUFF. I loved the part about the flute. and how he goes "WE'RE HEEEREEEE" I love that movie. Miss you.

Camille said...

What is it Tina Fay says on 30 Rock? I want to go to that place? Well whatever the quote is, I just said it, and it was funny. And seriously, I do want to go there.