Sunday, August 23, 2009

return of the 80s lovers association

The crew has been reunited.  With the farewell of Dave and Wilma's family tomorrow as they head back down to the US of A we needed to end the trip with a bang.. or at least a video. 

it isn't quite as good without the help of Ang and Erika with editing but the dancing and all of that is still just as good.   The costumes were all provided by my dad and his sisters and grandma's tendency to not throw anything out.  

yes we know that this isn't all from the 80s.. but ENJOY! :)


Erika said...

SOOOOOO great!

I just love it! Honestly, the costumes are A plus. I want some of those old school glasses and stuff!

GOod job, wish i were there! or you were here.

Nicole Breanne said...

oh my goodness. your family makes my life.

that was amazing.

also, it kind of looked like a modern day hipster music video that you'd see in a film fest or something.


love you.

jaQ-ee said...

I forgot to leave a comment yesterday when I saw this.

LOVE it! When did you shoot it? After the Gathers left our place? I quite enjoyed the costumes, the hair, the moves, and the shot ideas.

I am such a proud cousin right now.

Wilma said...

All of you are amazing! Watching the video still brings a smile to my face, Alana you did a great job and thanks for staying up so late to finish it so that we could enjoy it before we left. It was even better watching it with Grandma and seeing her enjoy it soooo much!

Love you.