Monday, October 5, 2009

in no particular order

Let me take a minute from my busy (not so much) schedule to make a point to remember some things.

1. things i want but do not necessarily need right now: shoes, shoes, shoes (boots, uggs, pumps, vans... etc.), a new ipod?, cupcakes and/or treatza pizza

2. dad is OBSESSED with corn. good thing he has family connections. One night he was husking and watching TV from the deck. yepp.. he can barely see things right in front of his face.. so how this worked i don't exactly understand.

something about this below just brings joy to his heart:

3. facebook diet. yepp i'm going facebook free for the next couple weeks. i hope to utilize that time studying scriptures and preach my gospel. but it doesn't mean that i don't miss you facebook - because really.. i do.

4. hawaii will be my place of vacation in practically 52 days --- not that i'm counting down or anything

5. these windows are finally clean:

grandma and mom cleaned the windows a few weeks ago. something that hasn't been done in a couple decades (and i don't think i'm even exaggerating)
5. grandpa can still tell dad what to do. the two of them put up some new boards on the side of the house and painted them with grandpa's never-ending supply of that paint.
i told grandpa about how when Angie and I used to go down there to help out, he would tell us to paint the fence, and we would always ask how long we had to do it and he would always reply "until the paint is gone". being the smart kids that we were.. we went down the alley and dumped out the paint one day when we had had enough of painting.. to our dismay grandpa had stocked up on that paint.. and the supply still isn't gone. Grandpa laughed and laughed at what we had done.

6. i have so much to be grateful for. like flowers being sent to me TWICE at work in one week.

that i could get used to.
but really - i am often overwhelmed at the acts of service that people do for me, the little things and the big things that really do make a difference to me. 'i'm SOO HAPPY!!' (said in a voice the emperor kuzco in emperors new groove)

7. i went skeet shooting. that is all.

8. this is what my grandparents do. and they do it so well. i am so glad i have some pictures of these moments. the ones so dear to my heart.


.Ang. said...

Thanks for the update and the pictures!

They make me cry!! I miss you guys so much!! I miss grandma and Grandpa SOO much too!! 2 years is just too long to be away!!!

I'm glad you got those pictures!! That is them to a T!

I love that house!! I would love to live there one day!

Love you Lan, and miss you terribly!! I miss painting the fence and "popping pills" and working in the garden wearing amazing straw hats. We had some great times during the summer "working" in picture Butte! I'm so glad we had the chance to do that!

Burgess Family said...

I agree with Angie...Alana you hit it right on with
all the pictures.

Thanks to everyone for all the work they have done.

May said...

Thanks for the update Alana. You seem to be a busy p girl these days. Those are beautiful flowers you received.
Thanks for the comments Angie and Sheila. Too bad
that everyone is so far away. We really appreciate all the help we get when you do come. THanks to Doug and judy for their help when they were down.

KandyJill said...

Such a fun post! I always love reading your blog!

So I must ask... who has sent you flowers twice this week? That is SO sweet!!! The only flowers I got working there were from a certain 32 year old client that practically stalked me and wanted to drive me to idaho - CREEP! Soooo whoever they are from... consider yourself lucky!

And the story about you and Ang is priceless!! Haha I had quite the funny mental image!

I love you!

Wilma said...

Seeing "grandma" making the sandwiches is a perfect picture, it takes me right back home. But it seems like I may not recognize it now...

we really should make a date and everyone meet at Grandma's and Grandpa's to "help out". Is it weird to see your "Dad" being someone's "kid"?

jaQ-ee said...

loved this post! I have been forgetting to check the blogs lately but I'm glad my mom reminded me today.

Great photos and funnnnnnyyy story about you and ang and the paint. Quite enjoyable.

Love you! talk to you soon:)

Anonymous said...

Alana, this post is so sweet. I love your grandparents too. So kind and authentic. Luv ya Shel