Tuesday, October 6, 2009


remember this?

well... last night someone broke into our house

they rifled through some stuff (mainly my purse and jamies wallet) and left with
my credit card
(guess having all this junk in our house finally paid off.. jk)

joke's on you... you thief. credit card? CANCELLED!!

and it really was a blessing because i needed a new card anyways as mine was about to expire.

but the thought of someone being in your house without you knowing
going through your belongings makes you feel a little


but now i can't decide what bugged me more

someone eating some of my lunch?
or someone going through my purse?

i do love my food...


May said...

Sorry to hear someone broke into your house.Did they take anything else. We keep our house locked all the time even when we are home. If we are in the back we lock the front and vice versa.
When did all this happen.
I tried to phone your place but noone answered.

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! that is completely insane... and they only took your credit card... ridiculous. I'm gonna have to go with, if it were me, the food one would creep me out more. But then again my purse is empty.

A-nonEmUs said...

It was me - looking for some 'promised' pictures YOU promised me when I talked to you on the phone!
AANNND...you know how much I love my food!!!

KandyJill said...

Wooah!! Someone broke into your house? Middle of the night? Crazyyy!!! Lucky that that's all they took! JOKES ON THEM!

I love you.
And I love food too!
But I mostly love you!

I loved talking to you last night - call me again!

Wilma said...

that's a scary feeling...sorry to hear about your violation. I just hope that nothing else is discovered.

I'm glad that all of you are OK.

Now, I must admit, I wasn't expecting to read that news when I opened up your blog.

Wilma said...
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Wilma said...
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The Ortons said...

i love you.