Monday, November 23, 2009

twenty-four years

So.. i wish there could be pictures for this post. But Dad just updated my computer and put in a new something or other and so all the stuff that was on my computer is currently being downloaded back on my computer.. with many minutes remaining.

but... i wanted to wish my sister a Happy Birthday!

Last night i was in my room reading.. and it was later in the evening (after 11) and i could hear someone playing the guitar. But it wasn't the usual guitar playing, it was classical suzuki guitar pieces. songs i haven't heard for years.

For a minute it took me back to my younger years in our old house on Benson Road. Angie and i Shared a room for MANY years. Often times she would play the guitar late into the night (most times all night, and sometimes even practicing suzuki songs)... and for a second last night, i thought that it must be Angie upstairs playing these songs that she used to play.

It made me miss her SO much and think of all the reasons why i am SO grateful for her (which are high in number). It even brought tears to my eyes. At the time we both didn't appreciate all the time we were forced to spend together in that small room, but now i am SO glad that we had all that time together. Angie and I have always been close and she always seems to say what i need her to say, and we have literally sometimes finished eachothers sentences.

I am SO glad that in just a few days i can go and spend some quality time with Angie next week! and wish her a happy birthday in person!

But until then..

i sure love you!!

(oh yeah.. it wasn't just me being crazy.. it was Jamie playing some tunes)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


some of you may not have the privilege of being familiar with snuggies.

hopefully this enlightens you. my favorite part is when he raises the roof in his snuggie. (they really are that good)

i am so thankful that last week when i was sick.. i had a snuggie..

Jamie and Jenelle were dying to make them.. and so we did. (well jamie did.. )

Jenelle's features Dora

Jamie's features batman

And mine.. SPONGEBOB and patrick (which is you ask Auntie wilma is perfect for me)

the picture of jenelle is when she saw the fabric we picked out for her.. guess we did good

Not only do I love my snuggie.. but my dad does too.. here he is at Grandma Andersons enjoying its warmth

i had to fight to get it back from him.

... if only i had a dog to make a snuggie for...

Friday, November 6, 2009

called to serve

The video above includes a clip of me opening my call.

it is so amazing to know where exactly the Lord wants me to be for 18 months of my life.  its hard to explain the comforting, loving feeling i felt as i read my call, like Heavenly Father really knows me and knows where i am meant to serve him. it was truly a wonderful experience.

I am sorry if i didn't call you to let you know - after opening it and calling a few people i was exhausted and have been in bed pretty much ever since. 


ookay so my call came

i am planning on a sweet post for it

with a cool movie i am wanting to make

but i have been under the weather

so be patient and stay tuned

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

... still waiting ....

its hard to take a picture filled with the anxiety and excitement i feel as i continue to wait for my mission call to get here. Its been about a month now... and my call was "sent" apparently 10 days ago approx. so it might come tomorrow? cross your fingers.

i feel like its been taking TOO long.
like my friend Cort said, "it's surprising because usually the temple square calls come fairly quick"

a lot of people think that is where i'm destined to go, or Japan.

What do i think? no comment.

i guess i should blog about life. i will soon.

but until then.. this is always trueand sometimes i dream about owning one of these. actually.