Friday, November 6, 2009

called to serve

The video above includes a clip of me opening my call.

it is so amazing to know where exactly the Lord wants me to be for 18 months of my life.  its hard to explain the comforting, loving feeling i felt as i read my call, like Heavenly Father really knows me and knows where i am meant to serve him. it was truly a wonderful experience.

I am sorry if i didn't call you to let you know - after opening it and calling a few people i was exhausted and have been in bed pretty much ever since. 


Nicole Breanne said...


I am so so so so so so excited.

That was perfect!! I bawled.

I LOVE YOU. Always and forever.



candice Takahashi said...

Hahaha, that was so funny.

Congrats on your call.

Love you!

.Ang. said...

I love this video!! I cried too!!

You are going to be one of those cool sister missionaries!! :)

I love you SO MUCH!!

Dawn said...

What a great keepsake that video will be!!

I'm so glad you're going on a mission! That will be sooooo cool! And you WILL be one of those cool Sister Missionaries. I'm so proud! :0)

A mission changes your life. I am SOOOO glad I went on a mission :0) YEA FOR YOU!!!!!

savannah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO excited and happy for you!!! you are going to be amazing!! I love you so much!! OINK OINK!!!

Kaleb said...

Congratulations Alana, what a wonderful mission call, you are so very lucky to serve in an area with a rich church history (past and future)

Kayla said...

AH! YEAH!!!! CONGRATS alana!! this video made me cry, i'm so happy for you! you WOULD get called to a visitor center/church history mission....from what i hear, pretty/cute/beautiful girls get calls to visitor centers (and you are definitely all of those qualities, PLUS more). you will be AMAZING. so proud of you!

Melissa said...

That was awesome. Congrats girl!

Anonymous said...

My mom called and told me about your mission call. Congrats. You will be great, and will be able to meet so many people. Your video was awesome too. Thanks for filming so we could all enjoy and remember the excitement of opening our own mission calls.

Your cousin in Idaho~

jaQ-ee said...

loved the video lana. The music you picked was perfect and all the clips were great. I may or may not have been too excited when I made mine... thus the 'awkward yell' voice. Haha. But that will be such a great thing to have in the future :)

You are you going to be an amazing missionary!!! It's true. And I'm so excited for you.

Congrats again.....

I love you!!!!

Kaiti Klara said...

I am so glad you posted that:) I also bauled... and am still bauling:) I am so incredibly proud of you, i love you dearly!!!

Kaiti Klara said...
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KandyJill said...

I am so proud of you!! I know I keep saying that - but I truly mean it! You are amazing. And you are SO ready to serve the Lord. And that video - lets just say I think my eyes are sweating!

AK said...

Although we are always serving the Lord full time, there is nothing like being physically committed to serve in Zion. Loved you video - hope the little piggies 'leave for the market' soon.
Love AK

Burgess Family said...

That was a very touching video...
receiving yoru mission call is so exciting.

When Michael had made the guess Temple
Square, my mind kept going to that thought
but it just wasn't quite right.

Now I know why, it all makes sense now.

You will make one awesome missionary.

Wilma said...

Again, congratulations! You WILL be one of the COOL sister missionaries.

Just being YOU will be the best missionary tool drawing in people.

I loved the video!

I hope you're feeling better and recover quickly. There must be some way that Jamie can add this "swine" thing to her pig collection.

The Ortons said...

i am so happy.
i am so proud of you.
you are such an amazing example to me.
i love you so much.

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

ALANA! How exciting! You are going to be amazing, that is going to be such a cool mission to go to! and the video is adorable. Your going to be absolutely amazing.
Love you!

HiLL said...

Hey! I know that I'm only a part of your very EXTENDED Ohana but E house has been very excited to hear where you will serve! Angie makes sure to keep us in the loop and she announced it to us last night! She said we should watch the video.

I'm balling like a baby! What an awesome video and even more, what an amazing call! It is such a blessing to be a part of this Church! I hope you enjoy these few months with family. I hope to see you there in Missouri because my family wants to go :> So remember my face hahaha

Congratulations to the 12th power! You are going to be awesome! I'm sure the spirit is so strong ... there in Zion!

Hillary Williams

Anonymous said...

congratulations - we are so excited for you. Luv ya,
Auntie Shelly

Kaiti Klara said...

I keep watching this over, and over, and over, and over again. I LOVE IT!!!

scott.matkin said...

Congratulations Alana!

I am so excited for you! I know the Lord has blessed you with talents and abilities that are perfect to serve in Independence. There are a lot of people there prepared for you to bear your testimony of the Restoration. I have found people in the Mid West to be very open and friendly. Many of them have Christian beliefs and attend church. This is perfect for missionary work. Also the Winter Quarters Visitor Center in Omaha brings in a lot of investigators and missionary work in my ward is going pretty strong. I am sure it will be the same in Missouri.

I cant wait to come down to the Independence Visitor Center and take a tour from Sister Takahashi.

Love you!

Karli Woolley said...

Oh man Alana, that was so lovely to watch! Thanks for posting it :) and congratulations!

Emily said...

oh alana!!! that is so exciting!! congratulations!!!!!! i loved being able to be a part of that amazing experience of opening your call with you..thanks for posting the video!!! it took me right back to mine and i felt the same spirit and emotion and excitement!!!! you are going to have the most amazing experience in the world. this is going to change your life forever and you will never be the same again! you are going to be better!!! (if that's possible) :) work so hard and remember that those 18 months will be gone before you know it and don't ever worry about what you think you're missing back at is absolutely nothing in comparision and far greater things are waiting for you if you serve with all that you have and are!! i've been to the independence visitor's center and i know you will add to the spirit there by teaching and bearing your testimony there daily!! i am envious that you are at the beginning of this journey and that i'm already on the other side!! but actually i'm just so excited for you!! you are going to be an amazing missionary!!! i love you!!!!

Sonia said...

Thanx for sharing and an even bigger thanx for making me bawl my eyes out! I LOVE YOU and am so proud of you. You are an amazing person!!!! You will be an amazing missionary. I've wanted to go back to Nauvoo etc. so I just might have to take a little tour between May 2010 & Sept. 2011! LOL