Tuesday, November 3, 2009

... still waiting ....

its hard to take a picture filled with the anxiety and excitement i feel as i continue to wait for my mission call to get here. Its been about a month now... and my call was "sent" apparently 10 days ago approx. so it might come tomorrow? cross your fingers.

i feel like its been taking TOO long.
like my friend Cort said, "it's surprising because usually the temple square calls come fairly quick"

a lot of people think that is where i'm destined to go, or Japan.

What do i think? no comment.

i guess i should blog about life. i will soon.

but until then.. this is always trueand sometimes i dream about owning one of these. actually.


Petrea, Michael, and Drew said...

i will guess three places.
1)Puerto Rico
2)Temple Square

KandyJill said...

I can't believe it's been a MONTH!!
Moreso - I can't believe it was sent TEN DAYS AGO!!!
And even MOREso - I can't believe you're going on a mission!!! I can't believe we're OLD ENOUGH to go on missions!!!
Don't you remember being little 12 year old or 14 year old girls and thinking that someday it'd be so fun to go on missions.... IF we weren't married. Haha I remember always thinking we'd probably be married by 20... at the latest. HAHA... oh Helen - how weird would that be?
Girl - I'm so excited for you! And I'm SO proud of you. You have seriously been such a strength to me these past few months as we've both prepared for these experiences together. You've particularly been a freakin ROCK for me these past few weeks (you know that!) and I am just so proud to be your friend and know that I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are going to be an outstanding missionary. You have such a way with people and I know that you are going to be able to get through to peoples hearts without a problem. I love you so much babe. And again, am SO proud of you! You are amazing and the Lord is super lucky to have you on his team. Call me when you get your call! :) Love you!
YBIMH always!!

Lana Dawn said...

did drew guess the 4th?

Wilma said...

We're anxiously awaiting at this end. Nicole was saying tonight how much she misses you. We sure were lucky to have you down here while we did!

I never gave it any serious thought about where you would be called to but, now I'm thinking JAPAN would be perfect!

Burgess Family said...

I'll go with Japan. Maybe Australia and for some reason Switzerland came up, so I will go with that one too. If not of those, then Boise, Idaho is my last guess

Erika said...

you must be my sister... I want a kitchen aid too!

And your hair looks like it's getting Long! I love it!

hmmm as for the mission call.

Temple square
South or central America( somewhere spanish speaking!)

Call me AS SOON as you get it. I want to be part of the opening and reading!

May said...

Its an exciting time for you right now.This waiting
is the hardest part. I am sure the Lord will send you where you are needed. You will do well wherever you go. As the song goes"I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord-over mountain or plain or sea."
I do hope you get to go where you have to learn a foreign language.There are a lot of people who
would rather not learn another language and so I hope you get your wish.I will be awaiting your call
The two missionaries that come to our ward are from Lehi,Utah and Texas Love you

The Ortons said...

dude i have no idea. but i can't wait. and also i am so proud of you and i want to buy you that green kitchen aid when you get home i love you bf.

Shel said...

so exciting - my guess:
1) Taiwan
2) Anchorage, Alaska
3) Brazil
4) Japan

Kaiti Klara said...