Saturday, November 14, 2009


some of you may not have the privilege of being familiar with snuggies.

hopefully this enlightens you. my favorite part is when he raises the roof in his snuggie. (they really are that good)

i am so thankful that last week when i was sick.. i had a snuggie..

Jamie and Jenelle were dying to make them.. and so we did. (well jamie did.. )

Jenelle's features Dora

Jamie's features batman

And mine.. SPONGEBOB and patrick (which is you ask Auntie wilma is perfect for me)

the picture of jenelle is when she saw the fabric we picked out for her.. guess we did good

Not only do I love my snuggie.. but my dad does too.. here he is at Grandma Andersons enjoying its warmth

i had to fight to get it back from him.

... if only i had a dog to make a snuggie for...


Erika said...

I dream about having a snuggie everyday.

working in the library I am ALWAYS cold... I think the only solution is a snuggie.

I was also thinking about snuggies for two...

Nicole Breanne said...


I ordered them for Greg and I for Christmas last year. So fun. It's actually a funny story.

But I like yours better.

.Ang. said...

SO I love your snuggies!! and in regards to your wish of having a dog so you could make it a snuggie, one phrase comes to mind.

If you build it, he will come.

Kaiti Klara said...

these are AMAZING!!! I want one sooo bad!!

Wilma said...

You're right, Spongebob IS perfect for you! I can envision you right now sitting in front of the TV wrapped up all cozy in your snuggie.

They are a great concept but I was still surprised when I saw that Costco was selling them....

I'm so impressed that you made your own and added personality to them!

The Ortons said...

i love that he is doing the peace sign loving the snuggie. bahahaha. dude your sisters are so crafty. ask them to make me one. SERIOUSLY. i love youuu

KandyJill said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Your Dad KILLS me! hhaha.