Monday, November 23, 2009

twenty-four years

So.. i wish there could be pictures for this post. But Dad just updated my computer and put in a new something or other and so all the stuff that was on my computer is currently being downloaded back on my computer.. with many minutes remaining.

but... i wanted to wish my sister a Happy Birthday!

Last night i was in my room reading.. and it was later in the evening (after 11) and i could hear someone playing the guitar. But it wasn't the usual guitar playing, it was classical suzuki guitar pieces. songs i haven't heard for years.

For a minute it took me back to my younger years in our old house on Benson Road. Angie and i Shared a room for MANY years. Often times she would play the guitar late into the night (most times all night, and sometimes even practicing suzuki songs)... and for a second last night, i thought that it must be Angie upstairs playing these songs that she used to play.

It made me miss her SO much and think of all the reasons why i am SO grateful for her (which are high in number). It even brought tears to my eyes. At the time we both didn't appreciate all the time we were forced to spend together in that small room, but now i am SO glad that we had all that time together. Angie and I have always been close and she always seems to say what i need her to say, and we have literally sometimes finished eachothers sentences.

I am SO glad that in just a few days i can go and spend some quality time with Angie next week! and wish her a happy birthday in person!

But until then..

i sure love you!!

(oh yeah.. it wasn't just me being crazy.. it was Jamie playing some tunes)


.Ang. said...

AHH i love you!!

I miss the good ol' days when we "HAD" to share a room! we really did have some good times! And I'm glad to hear you aren't really crazy! And someone was really playing guitar!


I've missed you so much!

and for the record I TOTALLY finished the sentence that said we even.. finish eachothers sentences!


as they say, my sissa is righ.. pink lime is simpy a bess!

KandyJill said...

So sweet. I sometimes miss your house on Benson Rd. Lots of memories there! And I miss always listening to Ang play the guitar too! ... and all the songs she wrote (and continues to write) - always spoke to me! What a talented little lady! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANG!