Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the g.a.t.h.e.r.s

i've been missing these people a lot lately

some reasons: learning and baking/cooking good things to eat, good travel companions, people to bail me out of provo, games games and more games, goood chats with uncle dave while driving to and from provo, hours of csi, movies, laughing so hard, feeling so at home and being with family... just to name a few.. oh and auntie wilma always saying things that my dad would say (to make me feel more at home i am sure)... seriously all the games with chay and nicole being my best friend.

miss you guys.


Wilma said...

Miss you too Alana! No holiday goes by without Chay saying "I wish Alana were here!" You added a lot to our family when you were down here, we miss that.

I felt like rapping the title to this entry while I read it...I didn't though because I can't rap.

Thanks for thinking of us and giving us an entry on your blog. We've made it big time now!

May said...

I remember those pictures. The first was at Chinese Gourmet when your Dad drove us to Salt Lake. That was a fun time with the Gathers and with you. Its always fun to be with family-- regardless of where we are.
Sorry we missed Christmas with you folks . I was packed ready to go but you know the rest of the story.
Heard you had a busy few days at Christmas. Its nice the weather cooperated.