Monday, December 7, 2009

week 1.

week one is done. one week left. (sad face)

but we've had a lot of fun and seen and done a lot of things i've never before.
Like eating Acai bowls, going to see volcanoes, black sand, the island of Kona... i could go on and on)
we have laughed A LOT.
we all squished into this car this car for long drives around the BIG island
we tried bubba gumps for the first time.... and we ate right out on the beach
had lots of photoshoots (here was a little camera lesson Angie gave)
today after church we went to see the temple (i love to see the temple.. just like the song)

we met up with mike at the airport and on the way home we stopped to see the CRAZY waves... honestly they are HUGE. who knows if sunset beach will be there tomorrrow...

i still miss everyone at home though.


The Ortons said...

I love that you are updating from there. It looks awwwesome. I didn't know your parents stayed home. BLACK SAND BEACHES?! AWESOME. It snowed here yesterday 4 inches. then in the night another 3 or 4. my pants are soaking at the bottom as i sit in the library. :( I WISH I WAS THERE!!!

May said...

Glad you are having such a good time.
Happy that Mike arrived home safely. Too bad he got such a rude awakening when he arrived in Calgary on the coldest week of the year.

KandyJill said...

how fun that you guys went to the big island!! I love hawaii!!

The Ortons said...

im waiting on another update. i love that you are there

Linz said...

aww! I freaking LOVE Kona!!! did you see the Walter's at church! You probably did but just didnt know who they were!!
I'm glad that you are all having fun!

ps - wasn't Bubba Gumps awesome?!?!?!