Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what we've been up to

 1. background checks and fingerprinting - for me at least
2.  viewing downtown from our lawyers office

3.  Enjoying Christmas decoration, like this huge tree downtown

4.  weekly trips to Costco just for fun (turns out comedian Russell Peters also likes to tour Costco's)

5. Making sugar cookies

 (don't mind the awful picture of me - i had been sick for a few days)

6. Eating said sugar cookies

Thursday, December 2, 2010

belated and early birthdays

This week was Tyken's birthday

Tomorrow is Brylie's birthday

And Angie's birthday was earlier last week
I wish we lived closer...
But i am grateful for all the good memories and fun times we have had together

Happy Birthday you guys!  

Love you.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

before and afters of the cabin

In no particular order, because i am feeling lazy...

here are a bunch of pictures of what the cabin looked like after we had been there for a week (when we got there initially there was no insulation)

This is Luke working on putting up tongue and groove.. that doorway to the left of him is one that him and his dad cut, bringing the old part of the cabin and the new part together... it was a big step

please check out Luke.
Luke and i worked on the basement and put cedar up on all the walls, it looks good and smells good too.
here are some after pictures of what we got done...

the hardwood seemed to transform the space and make it look a lot better...

i learned a whole lot being out there and working, and it was a lot of fun.  i didn't think i would really miss being out there sometimes while we were working, but i really do miss it. 

a few wedding pictures courtesy of Angie

i am kind of in LOVE with this at the moment...

what a beautiful day that was

Friday, November 5, 2010

B.C. Memories

 We've been home for the cabin for a few weeks now... and i found some pictures on my phone from some of our time there. 
 When we went into Salmon Arm we went to the Farmers Markets... I love Farmers Markets, and I LOVE the fresh fruit and veggies from BC.

 We also went and wandered around a saw mill... their tools look ancient but considering that we used lumber from them, i would say it works good.

 One memory from the Cabin was a little sad for Luke as battery acid did a number to his clothes
 thank goodness it didn't get to his skin
there is so much i need to blog about - like my wedding in detail - it just seems overwhelming and i am consumed in a job search. 
but hopefully soon - for my records mostly. 

If anyone is wondering Luke and I are doing great - being married is a lot better than not being married, and Luke is kind of a dream come true.

we're still waiting to hear ANYTHING from immigration

Thursday, October 7, 2010

in more recent news...

Luke has always wanted a safe. You can imagine his joy when this week his dad had got one on sale at Costco.

He really couldn't wait to open it. 

 It is just too bad that we don't have too much stuff worth putting in a safe yet.  We're working on that.... 

Yesterday we had the chance to play with Porter and Corban.  We took them for some ice cream and then to the park.  

As you can see Corban loved the Tiger ice cream more than he loved getting his picture taken. 

Also yesterday we had our appointment with the US Consulate - which was booked 2 weeks in advance so that we could spend about 15 minutes in there waiting to hand in the paperwork we had been working on.  We just started the waiting game and in 2-3 weeks they'll Open up a file for us and in 4-6 weeks they'll send us a checklist of things we will need to get done for an interview that they'll set the date for in Montreal and i'll need to get a physical done either their or in Vancouver.  By the sounds of all of this it will be even longer til we have anything to put in our safe. 

tomorrow it's back out to the cabin for a last week or so.

i promise.. more posts to come