Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slow driving

on the way to work today... dad was dropping me off.. and we were behind this car going SOO slow

Dad: See, there are people out there that DO drive slower than me

me: but you still insist on driving behind them

Dad: so are you going to put that on your blog

Me: ya.. probably

Luckily his slow driving didn't make me late for work today, like it may have before in the past.

Just ask Chay, Uncle Doug drives slow

Sunday, January 24, 2010


sometimes i feel like i am just playing a never-ending waiting game

waiting to go to the mtc

waiting for the weekend

waiting for letters

waiting for lunch at work

waiting for mr. right

waiting for spring

waiting for answers to prayers

waiting for not waiting anymore

waiting for the cookies to be done

waiting to see if i am really making the right choices

etc etc...

sometimes this gets old...

when i was down at school, baking and cooking were the things i did to help me clear my mind, to forget about the things weighing me down and just worry about something that isn't so trivial.  i was reminded of how relaxing this is yesterday when i baked some cookies. 

and as i waited for the cookies to cook, i thought to myself that i never really worry too much about how they will turn out. i have learned to trust the recipes and my life experiences with cookies and so far i've been pretty successful.  sure waiting for them isn't always that fun, but eventually the waiting ends.  and.. the waiting was worth it.

i guess it taught me a bit of a life lesson.  i am waiting for ALL these things all the time, and how cool is it that no matter where i am in my life, the best is YET to be.  i really need to just trust the instructions (recipes for success) that i have been blessed with in my life and what life has taught me so far.  i don't need to worry about how it will all turn out in the end, because as long as i follow the recipe, i'll be fine.  and... the waiting will be worth it.

sometimes i think... really?? this is MY life?

how sweeet is that.  it is exciting. i learn. i cry. i laugh. i pray. i see miracles around me. i get answers to prayers. i read. i grow. i know sadness. but i know greater happiness. i am only one person, but i'm significant.  i make mistakes. i love. this is the sweetness of my life.

and that... is the way the cookie crumbles

double even digits... always my favorite

so... last saturday, i turned 22. DOUBLE EVEN DIGITS.. and the same number twice... in an even year.. so many reasons for me to be SOO happy with my birthday.

my dad and mom got me some flowers.
my favorite ones too.  Dad picked them out... he's good like that. or just lucky...

and i ate french toast with syrup and peanut butter for breakfast, with crispy bacon.
so glad that calories don't count on your birthday.

It was a traumatic day for Jamie though, whose cell phone lost a battle with the toilet.  and to add to her bad day, we dragged her along to go shopping for missionary clothes - something that i think she dislikes as much as i do.

for dinner we had salmon, roasted cauliflower and asparagus, with mashed potatoes.
(and yes.. i do talk about food alot, but it is something that is very important to me)

the cake almost didn't make it to the party.

 but what's a party without cake?

candi gets the award for the best action shot of me ever to have existed.

yeah.. i don't know why i look SO good in it either

i say it every year - but.. this will be MY year!!!  i have so much to look forward to this year, like going on my mission, which might only be 66 days away (not like i'm counting or anything), but seriously:

being 22 in 2010  = best year ever probably

Monday, January 4, 2010

missionary checklist

So i got something checked off my "missionary checklist" over the break
actually kind of checked off my "life" checklist too.

As long as i can remember i have sang "I Love To See the Temple". those of us who know the words know that it says "i'm going there some day, to feel the holy spirit to listen and obey... i'll go inside someday, i'll covenant with my father, i'll promise to obey" and i finally did that.  since then, that song has been a little more precious and real to me.

it was pretty cool to have had everything work out so that Ang and Mike could be there... and then my parents, grandpa and grandma's and my moms sisters.


and by pretty cool i mean totally awesome.

i wrote about this day in my journal... and since this isn't my journal you'll never know what i wrote, but really it is hard to write about the feelings and emotions that can be felt only in the temple.

i can't wait to one day be there with all my family - so basically everyone just choose the right, okay?

(this is a necklace made by brylie and angie for me for christmas, we all got one, but only mine had ctr and hearts on it)