Monday, January 4, 2010

missionary checklist

So i got something checked off my "missionary checklist" over the break
actually kind of checked off my "life" checklist too.

As long as i can remember i have sang "I Love To See the Temple". those of us who know the words know that it says "i'm going there some day, to feel the holy spirit to listen and obey... i'll go inside someday, i'll covenant with my father, i'll promise to obey" and i finally did that.  since then, that song has been a little more precious and real to me.

it was pretty cool to have had everything work out so that Ang and Mike could be there... and then my parents, grandpa and grandma's and my moms sisters.


and by pretty cool i mean totally awesome.

i wrote about this day in my journal... and since this isn't my journal you'll never know what i wrote, but really it is hard to write about the feelings and emotions that can be felt only in the temple.

i can't wait to one day be there with all my family - so basically everyone just choose the right, okay?

(this is a necklace made by brylie and angie for me for christmas, we all got one, but only mine had ctr and hearts on it)


jaQ-ee said...

I love your new blog header. Super cute! And you are so beautiful. It's true.

I also love you. I'm so happy that you got to go through the temple, and that so many important people were with you.
... so what's next on the list?


ps. LOVE that necklace. I think you already knew that.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing this special day with the blog readers.

We are proud of you!

You will be an excellent missionary!

May said...

I was so happy to share this special day with you and
the others who were able to attend.
You have a wonderful spirit and you will do well in the mission field.
It was nice to spend New Years at your house and be with family.
All the best in 2010-- a banner year for you.
Love you.

Wilma said...

That would be a very special day! The pictures were great. That's a big item you checked off your list.

Keep us posted!

The Ortons said...


KandyJill said...

I love that necklace! Too stinkin' cute! And I'm so happy for you! I'm excited for my time to come! :) I hope you can be there with me when I go :) I love you. So proud of you!

Luiz Felipe Dianese said...

You are so pretty!

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