Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slow driving

on the way to work today... dad was dropping me off.. and we were behind this car going SOO slow

Dad: See, there are people out there that DO drive slower than me

me: but you still insist on driving behind them

Dad: so are you going to put that on your blog

Me: ya.. probably

Luckily his slow driving didn't make me late for work today, like it may have before in the past.

Just ask Chay, Uncle Doug drives slow


The Ortons said...

I wonder what his comment will say about this post.

jaQ-ee said...

haha. i'm glad you put this on your blog

Erika said...

are slow drivers the same people who walk slow in the hallway?

dad? comments? thoughts?

May said...

Slow and steady always win the race. Better safe than sorry. I hate people who drive too fast.

.Ang. said...

Grandma, that's not true, you don't hate anyone!!!

He must have learned everything he knows from his mom!! :)

(Asians...) JUST KIDDING!!!


Burgess Family said...

Funny...I could just hear that conversation going on in the vehicle.

I agree with Grandma...I guess I learned from my Mom too.

Anonymous said...


Papahashi said...

That's pretty much the conversation. What Alana failed to mention was that I did pass the car going slow - eventually.

Yesterday however I did not see a blog update from her telling everyone how I was passing people on the drive to work (but not speeding). But then if she did update her blog she would have to mention the one curb that I hit everyday.

Slow drivers are actually fast walkers. They like to go the same speed whether on foot or in the car.

Wilma said...

Doug, you're last comment was funny!

And Chay would confirm that you are a slow driver. That statement comes out of his mouth on a regular basis, you're never forgotten around here.

Thanks Alana for sharing that moment on the way to work, your quick come back was perfect...that was funny also!

KandyJill said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Your dads comment on this blog is AMAZING!! Haha. I especially love the last line:
"Slow drivers are actually fast walkers. They like to go the same speed whether on foot or in the car."

Haha ooh Papahashi!

Kaiti Klara said...