Sunday, January 24, 2010


sometimes i feel like i am just playing a never-ending waiting game

waiting to go to the mtc

waiting for the weekend

waiting for letters

waiting for lunch at work

waiting for mr. right

waiting for spring

waiting for answers to prayers

waiting for not waiting anymore

waiting for the cookies to be done

waiting to see if i am really making the right choices

etc etc...

sometimes this gets old...

when i was down at school, baking and cooking were the things i did to help me clear my mind, to forget about the things weighing me down and just worry about something that isn't so trivial.  i was reminded of how relaxing this is yesterday when i baked some cookies. 

and as i waited for the cookies to cook, i thought to myself that i never really worry too much about how they will turn out. i have learned to trust the recipes and my life experiences with cookies and so far i've been pretty successful.  sure waiting for them isn't always that fun, but eventually the waiting ends.  and.. the waiting was worth it.

i guess it taught me a bit of a life lesson.  i am waiting for ALL these things all the time, and how cool is it that no matter where i am in my life, the best is YET to be.  i really need to just trust the instructions (recipes for success) that i have been blessed with in my life and what life has taught me so far.  i don't need to worry about how it will all turn out in the end, because as long as i follow the recipe, i'll be fine.  and... the waiting will be worth it.

sometimes i think... really?? this is MY life?

how sweeet is that.  it is exciting. i learn. i cry. i laugh. i pray. i see miracles around me. i get answers to prayers. i read. i grow. i know sadness. but i know greater happiness. i am only one person, but i'm significant.  i make mistakes. i love. this is the sweetness of my life.

and that... is the way the cookie crumbles


Erika said...

I love the new blog look!

I love this. I think I really need to hear this. Trust the recipe... a good mantra for anyone.


Camille said...

amen to this whole post sista!

Michelle said...

I like your post and thought it wonderful the way you say about that no matter where you are that the best is yet to be- what a WONDERFUL thought ;0)

Michael Jay said...

If you keep these insights up when you are in the mission field, you are going to be one of the best, scratch that, THE best.

kristi Dupont said...

You Takahashi girls are all soo good with words... It's amazing how life really does work out how it should, it may not seem like it at times, but everything seems to happen for a reason. We are pretty lucky to have such an amazing family, that make this life that much more enjoyable. Seeing your dad bite his lip REALLY does bring me great joy! Just kidding uncle doug.....kind of

I Sure love you Alana!

May said...

Loved the blog. I am not a blogger but I really look forward to reading everyones.-- so keep them coming. Cookies look delicious.

.Ang. said...

Trust the recipe. Soo true!

(Erika, what's a mantra... jk)

We DO have everything we need as far as Instructions/recipes go, don't we?
Thanks for the reminder!!!

You know what they say, good things come to those who wait!

I love you Alana!

Burgess Family said...

Thank you for the message. It is going to be a good one to share with my Young Women.

One of the best recipes there is!

The cookies look really good - could I get that recipe as well.

The Ortons said...

trust the recipe. AMEN. Now, i need that recipe. those cookies look divine.

Wilma said... true...AMEN

KandyJill said...

You should REALLY be a writer! For real. That was an amazing post. Like.. I want to share that with everyone I know. You seriously always know how to put things into perspective for me! I'm glad I can relate to you so well. Might it have something to do with the fact that your my best friend?