Wednesday, February 17, 2010

happy late birthday!!

 i just wanted to take the chance to with Auntie Wilma a Happy Birthday!!

 I am so grateful fo Auntie Wilma.  She has taught me SO much over the past couple of years, when i need a good recipe i know i can count on her for that... but that isn't all
There were many times that she rescued me and gave me that bit of home i needed while i was going to school down in Provo.  I am SO grateful that i could rely on her for that. 

 we have had our share of laughs, and she never ceases to remind me of my dad, which is ACTUALLY a good thing!

 she is a hands on mom, her kids love her and love spending time with her, making things and playing games.

 she knows how to make, and where to find good food as well as where all the best shopping is. She knows how to find a good deal, and that is never a bad thing!

(above one of the Great places we went to go eat... see what i mean!)

I miss you Auntie Wilma, i hope you had a great birthday yesterday!!!


Wilma said...

WOW Alana, that was such a nice gift from you! Thank you so much! You make me sound like someone I would like to meet.

I miss having you down here, WE all miss having you down here.

It was a nice birthday, and I got ALL the important calls from my family so it was complete. The family here said that Auntie Sharon didn't love me because she hadn't called but I told them that I didn't expect her to call from the ship, AND then what do you know, she called from the ship! (she does love me...)

May said...

Enjoyed your tribute to Wilma.. Glad you did have a happy birthday Wilma. Sorry we couldn't be there to enjoy the day with you and family.
I am glad the weather was good when you were here Alana. It isn't so hot now with all the snow we had last night. Love you

Spencer and Sara said...

POST SOME OF AUNTIE WILMAS RECIPES. I'm sure they are divine. She is so gorgeous.

Papahashi said...

Happy Birthday Wilma. Sorry I didn't have a blog update for you. (Lately I haven't had any blog updates for anyone).
Hope you had a good one.

Burgess Family said...

Thanks Alana. Great tribute.

Happy birthday to Wilma again!