Friday, February 5, 2010

i really am only human

 sometimes i just have to laugh at myself. 

sometimes i just like to laugh at myself.

i let life get too serious at times, and get caught up in the "drama" of it all.

but sometimes all i can do is suck it up and laugh.

Remember when i went to Hawaii?  it was heavenly.  but this story takes place before then.

Candi was going to hawaii with my parents.  Then flights to calgary went on sale close to christmas, and mom and dad scrapped their plans and decided to just fly the family home. Candi was still going, and i wanted to go before i went on my mission, so i decided to go with her.  I booked my flights, i would be flying out the same day was her, but i would come home a few days earlier.

That was like september.

here comes november.  We are leaving Nov 27th, and Candi sees a seat sale for tickets to fly home i think a day later or something for cheaper, i can't really remember, but for some reason candi was calling westjet.  we had talked about me just changing my flight and coming home with her, and i decided that i did want a couple extra days there, and a flying companion.  Westjet was having some technical issues, and candi was on the phone and hold for hours, and after i got on and changed around my flights. the lady helping us was great, and we were "raving" fans and papahashi says.

i got my flights all re-arranged and i was excited at the extra two days i would have in hawaii.  it just made sense to add a couple more days, even if it would cost me a few more dollars.

then the lady asked, "sorry about how long it took, because of that, we can prebook your seats on the flight free of charge" and i was all about that, so i told her i wanted to sit with my sister on both flights.. we hammered out details of where on the flight and she was on her way fulfilling our requests. and then she goes, what about the flight there on the 29th? your sister isn't on that flight.

wait? what??? the 29th?? i leave on the 27th!
umm.. no ma'am you are booked on the flight on the 29th. i checked my itinerary and she was right (how could i have not checked it before?!?)

well... it would have cost a pretty penny to change my flight to the 27th.
apparently that is why they send you the confirmation email.
and... i ended up with the exact same number of days in hawaii, and no travel companion one way, as was originally planned.

moral of the story: don't let me book your flights


Spencer and Sara said...

I remember when that happened. hahaha, funny now. not funny then.

Wilma said...

I'm glad you laughed about did laugh didn't you?

And it's because of stories like this that cause me to be a bit obsessive/compulsive at times....

Wilma said...

I'm glad you laughed about did laugh didn't you?

And it's because of stories like this that cause me to be a bit obsessive/compulsive at times...

(I just wanted to make sure that my comment got sent...)

kandicejill said...

hahaha i love you

.Ang. said...


Auntie Wilma- you crack me up!! hahaa

ahhh, i love that story! i'm glad you were able to "Lengthen" your stay in the end!! otherwise you would have had a disappointingly short stay.

and i miss you

K's said...

Alana...laughing is such a great coping mechanism when things aren't quite what you expect...funny thing is the more you laugh...the funnier things seem.

Nicole Breanne said...

oh you crack me up. at least you didn't end up in winnipeg!