Monday, March 29, 2010


my visa's not here...

...but i still am...
i'll be here til at least May.
it isn't too sad
although the wait has been long
heavenly father has a plan for me

Friday, March 12, 2010

keeping up with the jones's

Angie and Erika are always crafting 'hair stuff'

i have been wanting to create some things for a while now.  last night i dragged jenelle around with me to find some ribbon, tool and feathers...

walmart had virtually NO ribbon, and they don't sell fabric there either so no tool....

we went to michaels and found too much tool, some feathers (where is a good place to buy feathers?) and ribbon at prices slightly higher than wal-mart... but i just wanted to make something.. so we decided to buy it. 

while standing in line, these two ladies asked us if we had a coupon, we didn't come prepared so we didn't have one, so they offered us not one, but TWO 40% off one regular priced item coupons. 

Then... our cashier (the store manager) told me that there wasn't 1metre of the light ribbon, i told him i would take whatever was left, he struggled trying to compute the price and then just ended up giving it to me for free.  It was a 'hair-stuff' making miracle! (a lot like a christmas miracle for those sisters who were christmas shopping with us)

we worked on a few things for about an hour, and we'll have to do it again when Jamie is around.  but i think we did okay for our first attempts with ribbons and tool WITH feathers. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

... still here...

i am still waiting to venture out 'into the field' as they say. 

some facts about today.
1. it is my best friends birthday. and i miss her. i love her.

2.  i d-i-e over Rachel Zoe, and her show is buh-nana's sometimes.  and sometimes it makes me wish i was more fashionable and passionate about something. 

3. fuzzy peaches hit the spot today

4. following gut feelings doesn't always mean disaster

5.  28 days. 4 weeks. two fortnights.