Thursday, April 1, 2010


i'm still here...

Yesterday was March 31st
(the day i have been counting down to for the past almost 6 months)
and it came and it went just like every other day had during the time i was counting down
today.. no one is calling me Sister Takahashi, and i am not currently residing in the Mission Training Center.

March 30th and March 31st were a little like this:
Home Alone.

Candi, Dad, Jamie and Jenelle are in Utah.
Mom went to Southern Alberta for the funeral of Grandma Ronnie...

and me? well
i made my family disappear.
i fought off these criminals using the tools found in and around my house
not really.
i may sulked around a bit, and then went to the mall for some retail therapy.

and now...
like Kevin, i just want my family back.

Luckily Mom got home last night... i am SO happy about that

But it is official, i really didn't get dropped off at the MTC yesterday.
I hope Auntie Wilma enjoyed her day off of work regardless.
Life is exciting, and it never goes exactly how you think..
sometimes it is a lot BETTER!

no.. this is not a April Fools Day joke
this is just my real life