Thursday, April 1, 2010


i'm still here...

Yesterday was March 31st
(the day i have been counting down to for the past almost 6 months)
and it came and it went just like every other day had during the time i was counting down
today.. no one is calling me Sister Takahashi, and i am not currently residing in the Mission Training Center.

March 30th and March 31st were a little like this:
Home Alone.

Candi, Dad, Jamie and Jenelle are in Utah.
Mom went to Southern Alberta for the funeral of Grandma Ronnie...

and me? well
i made my family disappear.
i fought off these criminals using the tools found in and around my house
not really.
i may sulked around a bit, and then went to the mall for some retail therapy.

and now...
like Kevin, i just want my family back.

Luckily Mom got home last night... i am SO happy about that

But it is official, i really didn't get dropped off at the MTC yesterday.
I hope Auntie Wilma enjoyed her day off of work regardless.
Life is exciting, and it never goes exactly how you think..
sometimes it is a lot BETTER!

no.. this is not a April Fools Day joke
this is just my real life


Melissa said...

waiting is so sucky. oh sad.

.Ang. said...

I'm happy that we can still chat on your lunch breaks!

It would be strange for you to leave on your mission and not see you go. So i'm kind of secretly excited.

This darn ocean...

Judy Takahashi said...

You are a lot cuter than Kevin.

Sorry to leave you HOME ALONE!

Life is so unpredictable sometimes.


kristi Dupont said...

I guess some things in life are just bitter sweet...sorry things didn't work out as planned, but i am sure your family is enjoying having you home for a little bit longer! Love you Alana!

Wilma said...

I did have a Great day off...Thanks for that Alana.

Life sure is full of surprises, and sometimes that's a good thing...I'm feeling that this is one of those times. It would have been nice to have you down here though, just like old times.

Love you Sister Takahashi (when I type "Takahashi" I say the spelling subconsciously in my head like I did when I was growing up "Ta-ka-ha-shi")

Burgess Family said...

Great post! I am sure there are hidden blessings coming your way.

KandyJill said...

I'm sorry for YOU that you didn't get to go in on the 31st...
but I'm happy for ME that you didn't because you got to come through the temple with me and hug me and cry with me in the Celestial room for my first time.

A moment I wouldn't trade for anything.

I love you.

May said...

Just read your blog. I guess I have been busy these last few days and haven't kept up on the blogs.
Was glad to be able to see most of your family this past week and a half. It was good to see you all/ I thought about you being home alone when your mom came down for the funeral.Glad to hear you survived.
It can't be easy not knowing when you will be leaving. Just enjoy the moment- things always work out. Continue to have faith..things happen for a reason.