Saturday, May 1, 2010

beautiful girls... they've got nothing on you

Today is Jenelle's birthday.

She is a pretty neat girl. She is crafty, thoughtful, giving, loving and has a great head on her shoulders, she is beautiful and smart, and recently went to hawaii and now has a great tan.  She is the one that i drag along with me to run all my errands and i love her company.  I enjoy poutine routine's with her on Saturdays, and she is also really talented. 

I can't believe this little girl is growing up!  I certainly love her, i am glad that i have been able to spend so much time with her this past year, and that i will be home for a bit longer to continue to do that! I definetly have learned a lot about how to be a great sister, aunt, friend, person from her - and i hope to continue to learn more!

Happy Birthday Jenelle!!!


kandicejill said...

That picture melts my heart!

"It melts my heart like a popsicle on the 4th of July!"

Hahahaha Kaiti always had such awesome quotes!


May said...

A great tribute to a little sister. Its hard to believe she is already 15. Where does all the time go?
Happy Birthday Jenelle.

Michael E. said...

I also love Jenelle.

Wilma said...

a Happy Birthday to Jenelle from the SLC bunch.

I bet she makes the tan look great!