Sunday, May 16, 2010

off my cell phone

Here are some pictures i got off my phone tonight... from the past year or so

Me, Jenelle and Jamie.  i don't know what we are doing... but it looks like fun

we thought this girl at the store looked like jamie... 

I saw this at the stake centre.. a plaque from the guiness book of world records. 

Me in somesort of distress at grandma and grandpa's in picture butte. 

talking to our family stranded on an island. 

yesterday i tried on Grandma's wedding dress

it fit pretty good. did you know she paid $30.00 for it?

this is why i can't have a serious conversation with my dad
he hates to talk about certain things, and so he gets all awkward, and is somewhat distracting

these are the cookies i made for valentines day.... mm how i love sugar cookies

the olympic torch went right outside our office.. and it was ran by Jamie's basketball coach there too. 

jamie is SO SO SO SO cool

i wish i knew what erika and kristi were looking at

camera's on phones are fun. 


kristi Dupont said...

haha, i love camera phone pictures!
I wish i knew what we were looking at too...

Wilma said...

isn't there a stigma that goes along with trying on someone's wedding dress?

Fun pictures! Your cookies looked great.

KandyJill said...

you are so cute
i love the last picture of you
and the ones in your gmas wedding dress - so cool!
your dad makes me laugh
and Jamie TOTALLY looks like that cutout!

i love you

Spencer and Sara said...

THE WEDDING DRESS IS SO SASSY!!! I LLLOVE the plaque! that is so sweet. oh and i also love your dad. miss you

Burgess Family said...

That was definitely worth a few laughs.

Your Dad hasn't changed at all.

I had to look twice to see which one was Jaime.
Loved that picture.

.Ang. said...

I love these!!!! :)

May said...

Thanks Alana for putting the pictures on your blog .Belated thanks for the birthday cake and visit. It
meant a lot to me for you folks to take the time to visit on my birthday.