Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it would be stating the obvious to say that i am not in independence.
but really that is only obvious to me and those who have seen me recently.. i randomly get messages on facebook asking me why i am on facebook while on a mission

i guess i kind of am on a mission - a mission called life
 that is a good corny line
but really - i postponed my mission. the reason, well that could be a blog entry in itself and maybe one day i'll get to that

anyways.. we went to picture butte on sunday to celebrate grandma's birthday with her
but going there is always fun
i just gotta say happy birthday to the 'harryest' grandma around

thanks for all you do. i sure love you


Erika said...

Best blogpost ever. I love everything about this. I miss weekend visits at grandma and grandpa's place. I miss sprinkles on mini Ice cream cones. I Miss you and I LOVE YOU.

See you soon?

May said...

Thanks Alana for the post. Its always good to see family. Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday-- even though I hate to think that another year has just flown by and I can't really see what I have accomplished.

Judy Takahashi said...

We are so blessed to have Grandma in our lives. It was so fun to hear you girls laughing and trying on clothes, glasses and enjoying memories at Grandma's. It was supposed to be her day ...but she ended up making us dinner and giving us the royal treatment. I love going to Picture Butte and being there with family-especially with Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks for the update Alana. Great pictures!!!

You are going to have a grrrrreat 'mission'.

Spencer and Sara said...


I miss you.
love you.

Burgess Family said...

Great post. Happy Birthday Mom!

So many treasures...

KandyJill said...

What? You're not on a mission? What?

Wilma said...

Thanks for posting this Alana! Knowing that all of you had gone down to PB to celebrate Grandma's birthday created the perfect happy feeling, and I loved seeing the pictures of Grandma blowing out her birthday candles!

It's always fun at Grandma's house!

Kaiti Klara said...

Alana... they're right. You shouldn't be on facebook on your mission;) haha i love you