Sunday, July 11, 2010

the proposal

So.. the fact that i am getting married to Luke has been something that we have been planning for the past couple of months. The temple is booked, engagements taken, dress bought, but i lacked a ring on my finger.  I would like to say i have waited patiently for a ring - but i guess Luke would be the one who really knows just how patient i really was. 

Luke has been going to school since he got home from his mission - and our time together has been limited to a few days every couple weeks.   Two weeks ago he came to visit and he assured me that he wouldn't be proposing that weekend, because the ring wasn't ready yet.  So when he came to visit this past weekend - it was known that he would be proposing.   I did make a point in saying that he still had to make it nice and thoughtful and he couldn't just hand me a ring, which would be difficult because i was expecting it. 
It should be known that Lukes family has a thing for golf.. to say the least. 

Well on Friday after work we were going to go to the stampede, but he called to tell me that he wanted to go golfing with his brother and sister and nephew porter, so he came and picked me up and we headed back over to his house.  we had had plans to go to the stampede, and so this change of plans convinced me that he wasn't going to propose to me that night.  His brothers family started golfing without us, and i just thought it was further proof that our plans to golf with them that night was unplanned.

We were at luke's house when we saw the golfing crew and decided to join them.  Porter rode with Luke and I in the cart, and the first thing Luke pointed out to me on the GPS was a pond that 'everyone always hits their balls into'.  They all golfed ( i am not a golfer and much better at observing) and i was just enjoying myself as a spectator.  then they convinced me that i should hit just one ball, and conviently had a yellow range ball for me to hit, which i did (not very well).  at the next hole, we were waiting for some other people to finish and Luke's brother Seth decided that he would hit his ball to the red tee box, but.. he hit his ball into the water.. yepp. .the same pond that takes everyones golf balls. and unbeknownst to me, he did it on purpose.  Him and his wife, heidi went to go find it in the water, and Luke and i stayed behind talking to porter... (ohh i was so oblivious).
they came back, and everyone tee'd off, and we headed to finish up the hole.  As we came to a bridge, Luke told Porter to look for golf balls in the pond.  Porter began to point them out, and then saw a yellow one floating. He was convinced it was my ball that i had hit, and Luke brought up the fact that it was floating - golf balls don't float. 

So Luke goes to find out why the ball is floating - it was weird... i wasn't really taken back by his interest in the floating golf ball.  He took of his shoes and socks to pull it out of the water, and it turned out that it was a kids golf ball ( you know the foam kind of ones).  he threw it to me and i caught it (yes the ring was inside) and i started walking to heidi and i was just tossing it up and down in my hand telling her it was a kids golf ball, i couldn't tell that the ball was cut in half and there was a ring inside.  Luke came up behind me and asked to see it again, and i handed to him and then kept talking to heidi... then i heard my name..

i turned around and there he was on one knee with the ring out.
you all know the rest.. he asked, i said yes. 

So - turns out Seth hit his ball into the water on purpose and that he and Heidi went ahead to plant the floating ball in the water.. which had floated away a bit and luke had to take of his socks and shoes to go get it, we're lucky he didn't end up having to go for a swim.  the best part was that i was completely taken by surprise. 

it was perfect.. but really i wouldn't have expected anything less from Luke.  i pretty much just think he's the best. 

AHh.. i just love this guy!  

Also - my sister future in law is the one behind the awesome engagements! (isn't she awesome?)

Now that it's official....

Rumors have been circulating about me not going on a mission to independence, but another eternal mission. 

and they're true.  I'm getting MARRIED!

fact: i always wanted to marry my highschool sweetheart
fact: i'm doing the closest thing to that.
fact: this boy is a dream come true

but first.. a walk down memory lane.  when i was 14 (back in 2002) i met this charming young man:
(sorry for the bad quality pictures.. i'm too lazy to find a scanner)

Meet Luke.  
Now- the instant i met this boy, i was in trouble because he had my heart since that moment.  i have journal entries to prove it. 

Luke and i seemed to hit it off quite well... but it would take the next 8 years for him to realize what i had always known--- that one day he would love me back and we would get married. 

to cut a long (we're talking 8 years here) story short, i wrote Luke while he served his mission in Ohio Cincinnati - the first year of his mission i think we wrote a total of 4 letters (2 from me to him, 2 from him to me)... when i decided to go on a mission he was excited for me, and our letters increased in number and in sincerity and depth.  when i found out that i would be leaving 2 weeks before he got home from his mission, i was devastated (if there was any one guy that could keep me from going it would be him).  Luke had slowly become my best friend through our letters... and so through a series of events (each could be a blog post on their own) my feelings were put out there, his were as well - and then finally a question of me postponing my mission to be there when he got home.

Yes - my visa never came.. but the truth is, i had postponed, basically asking that it not come. 

i have never been happier and more in love in my life.  He was well worth the wait.. and a marriage to him is exactly what i was preparing for for the past year.  He is so perfect for me and i couldn't be more excited!!! Not to mention the fact that i am the luckiest girl in the world! 

August 28th can't come fast enough!