Sunday, July 11, 2010

Now that it's official....

Rumors have been circulating about me not going on a mission to independence, but another eternal mission. 

and they're true.  I'm getting MARRIED!

fact: i always wanted to marry my highschool sweetheart
fact: i'm doing the closest thing to that.
fact: this boy is a dream come true

but first.. a walk down memory lane.  when i was 14 (back in 2002) i met this charming young man:
(sorry for the bad quality pictures.. i'm too lazy to find a scanner)

Meet Luke.  
Now- the instant i met this boy, i was in trouble because he had my heart since that moment.  i have journal entries to prove it. 

Luke and i seemed to hit it off quite well... but it would take the next 8 years for him to realize what i had always known--- that one day he would love me back and we would get married. 

to cut a long (we're talking 8 years here) story short, i wrote Luke while he served his mission in Ohio Cincinnati - the first year of his mission i think we wrote a total of 4 letters (2 from me to him, 2 from him to me)... when i decided to go on a mission he was excited for me, and our letters increased in number and in sincerity and depth.  when i found out that i would be leaving 2 weeks before he got home from his mission, i was devastated (if there was any one guy that could keep me from going it would be him).  Luke had slowly become my best friend through our letters... and so through a series of events (each could be a blog post on their own) my feelings were put out there, his were as well - and then finally a question of me postponing my mission to be there when he got home.

Yes - my visa never came.. but the truth is, i had postponed, basically asking that it not come. 

i have never been happier and more in love in my life.  He was well worth the wait.. and a marriage to him is exactly what i was preparing for for the past year.  He is so perfect for me and i couldn't be more excited!!! Not to mention the fact that i am the luckiest girl in the world! 

August 28th can't come fast enough!


Mariko said...

I got teary-eyed reading this!!! Wonderful how things work out and how the Lord always knows what is best for us.

I am so happy for you!! You both look adorable together. And I cannot wait to see your beautiful wedding pictures because there is no way they could be anything less!!

May said...

Congratulations Alana! It seems you have found your one and only. He sounds like a wonderful young man
and I wish you all the happiness that life has to offer.
May the Lord bless you . Looking forward to your big day in Cardston.

KandyJill said...

If your journal entries aren't proof enough, you have a best friend who has a MILLION notes from you with much detail of how you would wish your life would turn out (with him of COURSE as your husband!)... also many "Dream" notes where he of course was the *Star* of your dreams...
And if thats not good enough... I have a head FULL of stories and conversations of you seeking advice because you were SO in love with him and you didn't know how he felt (yes, 8 years of these stories!)...

And... you also have a best friend who you came to after reading every letter from him having me help you "read between the lines" where I had to say "ALANA!!!! DUHHH He's in LOVE with you! It's so obvious!!!!!!!"

You also had a friend saying "Dude... not even a question - this is your DREAM (literally) knocking at your door... you HAVE to postpone!"

Thanks for letting me be your best friend while you guys fell in love...
or rather while you guys realized you BOTH were in love.
Okay, I guess I was your best friend while YOU fell in love too (8 years ago).

You are adorable.
Both of you.

You need to write a book.
Or make a movie.
Your story is amazing.
I think we both lucked out with pretty awesome mission-marriage stories! :)
But better yet, I think we both lucked out with pretty awesome HUSBANDS! I couldn't have asked for anyone better for me, and I know you feel the exact same way!
So happy for you Lanerz!

Karli Woolley said...

I am sooooooooooo happy for you! Kaiti told me the other night and I did something like this "Eeeeeeeeeeee" really high pitched and happy-like. You are so great and I wish I could see you... maybe you should come visit good 'ole provo :)

kristi Dupont said...

you guys are soo cute!
I love you Alana Banana!