Friday, August 20, 2010

thank you's

Since planning and prepping for my wedding, i have been overwhelmed a multitude of times by gratitude!

I have always known that i have been surrounded by people how love and care about me, but sometimes their acts of love and service still amaze me.

I really need to be more like these people - i think it would help me a lot in my life long goal to becoming like Christ, because as i find myself being grateful for all these people, i find myself feeling like i know Christ better through them. 

i would make a specific list of people to thank, but i would hate to forget someone... i am surrounded by SO many good people.

I have the most wonderful family in the world!!! They love me and support me, and go out of their way to help me out... they are my psychologists, cheerleaders, they help me tie chair covers/sashes, they make hundreds of cookies, make beautiful music, and send me emails.  I don't always treat them they way i should, but i hope they know how much i love them and appreciate them. this wedding has consumed probably too much of their lives, and it really means a lot to me to have them help me do so much.  They laugh with me, and i am grateful for them putting up with me when i can be bratty.  i love them!

I guess one specific person i should probably point out right now though, is my mom.  She has been there doing all kinds of things for me, trying to take the burden off of my shoulders, and putting it on her own.  her countless love and words of wisdom and advice, along with her listening ear and warm hugs have been answers to my prayers throughout this whole 'wedding' journey.

And i couldn't thank her, without thanking my dad as well.  he's been great at coming up with {original} ideas that usually have us rolling our eyes, but he is great at keeping decisions light and not too serious with all his other ideas.  it's hard for him to see his girls growing up, but he sure does do a great job at showing how much he loves us!  Thank goodness for him and his technology.

I have been blessed to be marrying into an amazing family.  I feel like i will be blessed with lots of new friends, and have been blessed by the way they have welcomed me into their lives, and for their willingness to help me out in whatever ways they can.  Taking engagements, finalizing the menu's etc.  I am sure lucky to soon be a part of this wonderful loving family.

I have great friends, who have great parents, who throw me bridal showers, and shower me with their love.  Friends that also let me know that they love me who go on long walks with me.  I have been blessed with some of the greatest friends ever.

I guess one other person that i am continually grateful for (other than a heavenly father who has heard my prayers and answered them - whether big or small) would have to be Luke. This has been a stressful time - i hate making decisions, and that is all i have been doing lately.  but he is always there to love me, and support me and remind me that it will be the greatest day of our lives, because we are getting married in the temple.  He doesn't always understand my complex female mind, but he always tries to figure it out and keep a smile on my face.  Who would have thought that i would actually marry the guy i wanted to when i was 14 - but i wouldn't have it any other way - he is perfect for me!  I love him so much!!!

only eight more days now... and each day i get more and more excited, and each day i find more and more reasons/people to thank heavenly father for in my life.  it helps me to realize that he is there listening and he loves me and wants me to be happy.

in the words of george gershwin... who could ask for anything more?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

what i've been up to...

these pictures are actually pretty old now... i went shopping and bought a dress before i actually had a ring on my finger...

even though i didn't get what i thought i would, picking out a dress didn't seem as hard as it did on "say yes to the dress"


i didn't end up with ANY of these dresses. but i am in LOVE with the dress i did get

thank you to my team of supporters who were there to offer their opinions when i was trying on dresses

and thank you to ETHOS for having the dress and being able to order for me in time, WITH extra fabric to make it modest.