Monday, September 20, 2010

we're married and....

after that:
we met with our immigration lawyer
we went to mexico (ohh how i loved mexico)
we did errands (like days and days of them)
my last name changed
and we have gone out here to work:
and will be here for a few more weeks

i love luke

we're trying to finish this:

more posts to come at a later date.....

so much time so little to do
wait... strike that - reverse it


Anonymous said...

Wow who is that guy down by the fire in that picture. He looks like a stud!

Shel said...

sweet - enjoy!

Wilma said...

Down here people go to Mexico if they "don't" meet with their immigration lawyer...

Beautiful scenery off your balcony, it looks like you may still be on your honeymoon...and it looks like there is more than enough to keep you busy.

I know it's just a brief update from you but I can truly read they joy in your words and can picture you smiling.

Spencer and Sara said...

come back soon. I can't wait to talk with you. Be safe. Love you both. And miss you so much.

May said...

It was nice to get an update. Glad to hear you are keeping busy and have more than enough to do.
Hope the weather there is better than around here. We have had cool and rainy weather all summer.
Its better to be busy -than have a lot of spare time
looking for something to do.
As wilma says - look at it as a second honeymoon-so many memories,

Judy Takahashi said...

Thanks for the update Alana.

I like the photos.

Love you guys!