Thursday, October 7, 2010

in more recent news...

Luke has always wanted a safe. You can imagine his joy when this week his dad had got one on sale at Costco.

He really couldn't wait to open it. 

 It is just too bad that we don't have too much stuff worth putting in a safe yet.  We're working on that.... 

Yesterday we had the chance to play with Porter and Corban.  We took them for some ice cream and then to the park.  

As you can see Corban loved the Tiger ice cream more than he loved getting his picture taken. 

Also yesterday we had our appointment with the US Consulate - which was booked 2 weeks in advance so that we could spend about 15 minutes in there waiting to hand in the paperwork we had been working on.  We just started the waiting game and in 2-3 weeks they'll Open up a file for us and in 4-6 weeks they'll send us a checklist of things we will need to get done for an interview that they'll set the date for in Montreal and i'll need to get a physical done either their or in Vancouver.  By the sounds of all of this it will be even longer til we have anything to put in our safe. 

tomorrow it's back out to the cabin for a last week or so.

i promise.. more posts to come


So i haven't yet written anything about my wedding.. but my dad did a great post about it here which will have to do until i get some pictures.  

But on to the honeymoon:
We were lucky to go on a week long trip to the Now Jade Riviera Cancun for a week. 
That was the view from our room. 

it was an all inclusive and i don't have one bad thing to say about it - except that we aren't still there lounging by the pool. 
 we loved this infinity pool that made us feel like we were in the ocean, without all the salt water of course.   But i did go in the ocean and was surprised when i felt just how warm the water really was. The  whole beach and ocean thing made me miss my counterparts in hawaii.
 If you look closely to the left of this picture you can see that it says "ASIAN". this was one of the restaurants there - not a place for asians to congregate, although i did go there - so it was kind of that too.  the food was SOO good there. 

Our favorite restaurant was the mexican one.  these taco's were to die for!  they were the appetizer, but the second time we went there, we opted to fill up on these instead of an entre - it was the right decision.
we started to look like real mexicans - they did actually try to speak to me in spanish, so i guess they really did think i was mexican, but a sombrero always helps. 

Luke took me on a date to Tulum - the temple ruins.  it was really cool, the temple ruins were at least, it was actually a really hot day and so we were really hot and sweaty. 

we had a lot of fun soaking up the sun (we had unreal weather) and enjoying the ease of the all inclusive life.