Friday, November 5, 2010

B.C. Memories

 We've been home for the cabin for a few weeks now... and i found some pictures on my phone from some of our time there. 
 When we went into Salmon Arm we went to the Farmers Markets... I love Farmers Markets, and I LOVE the fresh fruit and veggies from BC.

 We also went and wandered around a saw mill... their tools look ancient but considering that we used lumber from them, i would say it works good.

 One memory from the Cabin was a little sad for Luke as battery acid did a number to his clothes
 thank goodness it didn't get to his skin
there is so much i need to blog about - like my wedding in detail - it just seems overwhelming and i am consumed in a job search. 
but hopefully soon - for my records mostly. 

If anyone is wondering Luke and I are doing great - being married is a lot better than not being married, and Luke is kind of a dream come true.

we're still waiting to hear ANYTHING from immigration


.Ang. said...

battery acid is like ants at a picnic! It'll ruin your day!

that produce looks delicious!

and that mill is cool looking!

I miss you!!!!!!

Burgess Family said...

I'm impressed with the photos from your phone.

The fruits looks great.

The mill look neat as well.

Acid on the clothes - not so good.

Glad to hear you are getting used to the married life.

Sara said...

NOOO I love that green jacket of Lukes. Dude you phone is sweet because those pictures are awesome. miss you

KandyJill said...

Yummy fruittttt!!!! Haha marriage is DEFINITELY way better than the PRE MARRIAGE phase eh? I LOVE being married! :)

Sooo immigration? How long ago did you submit it?