Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what we've been up to

 1. background checks and fingerprinting - for me at least
2.  viewing downtown from our lawyers office

3.  Enjoying Christmas decoration, like this huge tree downtown

4.  weekly trips to Costco just for fun (turns out comedian Russell Peters also likes to tour Costco's)

5. Making sugar cookies

 (don't mind the awful picture of me - i had been sick for a few days)

6. Eating said sugar cookies


Erika said...

*Gasp* alana, your hair, it's so long. I LOVE IT.

I also love finger prints.

I also love sugar cookies.

I also love christmas decorations and huge Christmas trees.

I also love Costco.

AND the fact that Russell Peters likes costco too.

I leave tomorrow. See you the next day?


Kaiti Klara said...

Looks like fun!!! Ahhh I miss you. Erika is right, your hair is so long!

Sara said...

I noticed the hair too. You look great. I miss you. I love that you have a really cute fun husband. I really really miss you though. I feel like its been forever (it has been) Love youuuu

Anonymous said...

ShimbashiI love sugar cookies-especially ones with icing. Yours look yummy.
Everyone loves Costco. We were there today

Samantha Jane said...

Lana Dawn. I need to call you and you need to update me. I miss you. So much. I have much to tell you. Can I call you this weekend?

jaQ-ee said...

Haha....I join the "your hair is so long" team. I wish my hair grew like that!! I've been growing it for a couple years and I think yours is longer than mine now.

I love the new blog title and header!! It made me smile.

Thank for the cute little update. Love you and misssss youuuuu........

Wilma said...

...the background check kind of worries me...

who's Russell Peters? Obviously not too bad of a guy if he likes to hang out at Costco.

Sugar cookies look great! And so impressed that you have Luke joining in on the fun!

Burgess Family said...

Looks like a fun time for you and your husband this Christmas season.

And I was thinking you looked pretty good.

Thanks for the update.

All the best to the two of you!

KandyJill said...

What a fantabulous ways to spend the break! Thats crazy - your biometrics are LEGIT fingerprints with the ink and everything. Mine were all done digitally... it was weird, but kinda cool. The computer could sense if it was smudged and if we needed to redo it. Nutso! But you do NOT look nasty in that picture - you look hot! and those cookies look delishhhh!