Monday, February 28, 2011


Last monday i flew to montreal
I knew things were going to be good when i opened the door into my bed at the hotel (just kidding... about the knowing things were going to be good part)
We got a good deal on this hotel because of Luke's AMA membership... and it was right beside this:

 and this....

which i am sure Luke knew and did on purpose to make me feel at home, or at least like i was in edgemont.
in all seriousness - it was kind of weird to get to montreal and suddenly not understand anything that was being said or was on signs.  Luckily the guy at the 747 bus place at the airport (who actually didn't speak any english) looked at my map and told me to get off at stop 7 - and it was "not far, not far".  That made me a little nervous, but the bus stop ended up being RIGHT outside the hotel lobby. 

like the hotel, the bus was also cheap.

i wandered down to where the u.s. consulate was, and then went to back to my hotel where i watched the only english channels i had (which there were 3 of) and went to bed - in my winter coat, because the heat didn't seem to be working.

the next morning i woke up bright and early.  and i got ready for my interview - here i am all ready:

 i walked to the US consulate once more and found myself in a huge line to go through security - my first wait of 3 that day.  after all the waiting, fingerprinting, paper dropping off and what not i finally had my interview. 

all my anxiety was for nothing. it was the fastest interview of my life, and probably easiest - i think maybe 3 or 4 minutes. and it was ended with the interviewer saying "welcome to the united states of america"

so there you have it - i have my green card. in a record 4 and a half months (at least for those of us applying in canada). most of the people there had applied AT LEAST a year ago. looks like we were certainly blessed.

but... it was only 10am. and my flight didn't leave til 8pm.  so i decided to wander downtown montreal

 i have never been to Europe - but it felt like what Europe might feel like to me

between the french and the chinese i decided to have a familiar lunch

i found out that i wasn't too far from the "underground city" - so that is where i headed.  it had TONS of shopping

 i then boarded the bus back to the airport around 4:30

got there around 5:30

and waited some more

i was sure happy to get back home (to english) and my husband  - with no more immigration worries


Erika said...

Congrats on the green card. Looks like the trip was worth it.

I remember when I went to montreal it was total culture shock when people greeted you in French. The people i lived with lived a few blocks from that underground mall.

I miss you a lot. You should give me a call sometime or something

jaQ-ee said...

Yay! I'm so happy everything went so well. Thanks for posting about your trip. I needed something interesting to read while I ate and that was perfect! Love you. Wish you were here (obviously)

Sara said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE A GREENCARD. Can't wait for you to come down here. My family waited for our greencards for like 5 years. Miss you and love you. also, you look awesome.

kristi Dupont said...

So glad everything worked out, and so quickly!
I agree with Sara you do look awesome ;)

Burgess Family said...

So glad things are working out. Still don't understand why you have to travel to the far East and then to the far West before you can move to the U.S. It is all Greek to me.

Maybe one day, someone can fill me in on how this all works.

KandyJill said...

YAYYYY! YOU PASSED! Isn't it ridiculous how much hassle and money you go through just for a simple quick interview? Crazy! So did you get your green card then and there? Or will you be getting it in the mail? Montreal looks so cool!

Guess what this means? SEE YOU DOWN HERE IN APRIL! BoooooYaaaaaa!!!!

Shel said...

so happy for you. I've always wanted to travel & tour Quebec. Especially Montreal & Quebec City.

Wilma said...


I love your documentation of your Montreal trip! You're like your Dad and brave enough to venture out on your own in a foreign city! It did look very least what I think it would look like. The one church looks like the one is downtown Salt Lake City.

Now life can move on!!

savannah said...

WAHOO!!! Congratulations, I am SO glad that is has all gone so smoothly!!
love u