Monday, March 14, 2011

i love pistachio pudding

so.. tonight i am happy

and yesterday Kristi and Auntie Sheila made me happy with Jell-O that was layered and colorful and Lemon Dessert.
OH.. and happy birthday to Auntie Sheila and Auntie Sharon today!


Michael Jay said...

Why didn't angie inherit the pistachio pudding gene?

Sara said...

that is why we are best friends. ate some of that last night. love you

Burgess Family said...

Thank you Alana. It was so much fun to have you and Luke with us for the weekend.

I had to laugh when I read your blog entry...I was thinking of making pistachio pudding for the Sunday meal. I didn't think anyone really liked it that much. Guess I was wrong.

Wilma said...

I love the lemon dessert. I like pistachio pudding too! Do you love it plain or also with things like coconut, nuts and some other things? I love it best with all the other things added.

Weird how interesting things come up and you find that you are not alone.