Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Papahashi

 I have all these old photo's of my dad on this computer... but could only get one to upload. 

But it doesn't matter.. i want to wish PAPAHASHI A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

No one is as
kind of clumsy

etc. etc.

as you!!
Miss you so much!!


Sara said...

i love him. remember the pics of him giving me my first dance card? oooh the memories. happy birthday papahashi.

May Takahashi said...

Happy Birthday. I remember all the Birthday parties
you had but the one date I remember most is April 19,1967.. Thats the day it began snowing right after I took your friends home and it never stopped until everyone in the area was snowed in. School was cancelled for a few days and even the snowmobiles were sinking in the snow.
Have a great day!!

KandyJill said...

Ooooh my gosh he looks the EXACT SAME! Hahaha! I love it! Happy Birthday Papahash!

Wilma said...

So cute...I don't remember this picture but, sooooo cute.

Papahashi said...

I should have commented earlier and thank you for the posting.

Wilma - you probably don't remember the picture because you weren't there....yet. I must admit that I was pretty cute though. It was a phase in my life that didn't last very long.