Saturday, April 9, 2011


Luke and I moved all our stuff to Idaho last weekend.  We left on April 1st to Grandma and grandpa's for the night and enjoyed some time with them before we ventured to Idaho EARLY the next morning.  We couldn't move into our apartment yet, so we were very lucky and grateful for Dave and Ashley Cichy opening up their apartment to us for two days.

Then on Monday we flew to Luke's parents in Phoenix.  WE LOVE Phoenix and there will be lots of pictures to post.  We soaked up the sun, got some shopping in and ate some GREAT food and then on Thursday we boarded another flight to surprise Erika, Angie, Mike, Bry and Tyke in HAWAII!!!

Erika Graduates today and the whole family was flying out here, but it was a little expensive for Luke and I.  But - my Dad a few weeks ago offered the trip to us, and we couldn't refuse.  So we booked flights for the weekend, and here we are. The surprise worked out well.. and the whole family is together in Hawaii (my Dad's dream come true).  Luke was able to meet brylie and tyken for the first time, and i'd say that they've hit it off, Brylie told us all that Luke is her new best friend.

We are here enjoying the island and family and hopefully the sun til late monday night and it's back to Phoenix for a couple more days where we will be with almost all of Luke's family.

Yep.. we got a vacation from a vacation. Don't think that will ever happen again.


Sara said...

loved that it worked. so glad you guys are enjoying your time before school starts. miss you

Wilma said...

Sounds like life is great! Life is moving ahead nicely for you and Luke! Have fun with your family. Nicole said that if you are in Hawaii, by rights, she should be there also...

May said...

Glad that everything worked out for your family.Nice that you could all be together in such a beautiful place.
The graduation pictures were great.Its the next best thing to being there.
Enjoy the rest of the time before school begins.
Love to all

KandyJill said...

Umm 1 - you TOTALLY could have called us and come and crashed here! It woulda been so fun!

2 - Sunshine and shopping sounds like a DREAM right now! I hate the shopping in Idaho hahaha

3 - HAWAII!?!?! Luckies! I bet it meant so much to Erika to have you all there!

Oooh deary deary me! When are you guys back in Idaho? ARe you all moved in?