Saturday, April 16, 2011

phoenix part 1

We left for phoenix on Monday the 4th of April. Luke had one paper left to write for his online class.
He said he would work on it at the airport... this is him "working on his paper'

We were happy to arrive to see the sun and feel it's heat and Luke's parents. 

I was happy to see some flowers in bloom.

We were taking pictures at the JW Marriot and Scott told us that this was a really cool picture to take.

We spent most of our time enjoying our time here:

we ate some REALLY good mexican food, swam, Luke golfed, and i got some major shopping done, we are so grateful to Luke's parents taking such good care of us. 

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KandyJill said...

Umm, WHAT THE HECK??? When did your hair get SO LONG? I'm totally jealous! It's pregnancy isn't it!!!