Saturday, April 16, 2011

phoenix part 2

we flew on the red eye back to Phoenix for a few more days in the sun. Hawaii was warm, but the sun seemed to disappear on us.  When we got back to Phoenix most of Luke's family was there.. we spent a lot of time at the lazy river

Corban loved the water.. and loved this spray park at the mall.

we did more shopping.. and Luke got himself a new wardrobe.. to go with mine i guess.. but we thrived on deals.  Mostly found at the Pacsun sale section, did mention we have been to 5 pacsuns in the past week in 3 different states?  Cause we have.  Deals of the week: a hoodie and a pair of shoes i got for $12.50, and for luke the ultimate deal was a shirt he got for $2.50.  

We were lucky enough to go and see the Easter Pageant at the Mesa temple.  For those who have seen the nativity in Calgary - this is that but a WHOLE lot more, including more dancing and singing.  

It was also Luke's anniversary of being home from his mission.  He's been home one year now.  Interesting fact: he sent me a picture of the Mesa Temple that he handcrafted to have us featured in front of it while on his mission.. and we finally actually made it to the Mesa Temple.

We THOROUGHLY enjoyed our 2 weeks of vacation.... and we are so lucky to have been spoiled so much before going back to school.

It was so much fun.


KandyJill said...

PLEASE tell me you took a real life picture to go with the handcrafted picture Luke made of you two in front of the Mesa temple! :)

Wilma said...

looks like fun. Very summer looking! I think I may have been to some of those places...