Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Visit

I am now almost 25 weeks, but i neglected to post this picture from when i was 23 weeks.  I swear my belly is twice as big now. 

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to have some family come visit.  Mom, Dad, Jamie, Jenelle and Candi all came down for a quick weekend visit. We opted to go to Salt Lake to visit Wilma and her Family (i didn't know if i could think of enough things to do here in Rexburg to keep everyone entertained for the weekend)

It was great to be with so much family.  Dad got a great deal on hotel rooms thanks to William Shatner (priceline) as he would say. 
We started our day early at Aunty Wilma's (old) favorite store of course. It's just not the same as it used to be.
Grandma Takahashi treated us to a great lunch at Tucano's.. THANK YOU GRANDMA!
(Blade looks great in this picture)

After lunch and some shopping (mostly window shopping) we were treated to frozen yogurt from where Nicole works.

Looks like Chay got something interesting

Then we headed to The church Museum. 

I missed what i heard was the best part of the Museum, everyone dancing in the kids exhibit, but i hear there is video of it all somewhere. 

The rest of the weekend we spend hanging out at the house.  Lots of games were played, and tears shed as a result of lots of laughter. OHh and we ate some really good burgers and fries.

I failed to mention that this was Luke's first time meeting the Gathers - i hope they were as impressed with him as he was with them.  

It was fun to spend time with everyone, and the weekend went by too quickly.  


Papahashi said...

It was a fun trip. Glad we could do it.

Where was that first picture of us in the van taken? Must have been the only time the entire trip I didn't have the GPS out.

Its nice that Luke finally met Wilma and Dave and family. Blade as a new best friend.

Wilma said...

Glad I'm finally catching up! We were impressed with Luke and it was good to see how happy you are with him and how caring he is with you and the baby.

When I figure out how to get my video recording to download on the blog I'll post it but, I haven't been having much luck.