Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Long Camping!

It seems to be a tradition of many to go camping on the May Long Weekend.  Luke and I decided to cash in on the tradition.  

Luke has a field trip next week to the Grand Canyon and after figuring out that it would be cheaper to buy instead of rent some camping supplies, we went to walmart and bought a few things.

One thing we bought: a tent for $15 (on sale from $20).  This way if the tent isn't great, we didn't put a lot of money into it.  But we wanted to test it out.  So we had a campout last night...

a campout in our living room.

Luke barely fits in the tent length-wise.  Like my Dad said "i've seen those two-man tents, and i don't know who those two men are" 

But we are happy with our purchase(s).  (we also got a sleeping bag, head lamp, waterbottle, foam for the sleeping bag all for less than renting them for the weekend)

We were even going to make smores - but i opted to make cookies instead.  

Whether camping outside or in the living room, the worst part is still waking up and having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

I am glad we got some camping gear - it made for a great start to a long weekend. 


May Takahashi said...

It looks like fun as long as the weather cooperates. WE have had nothing but rain for the past two weeks and the forecast is for more Sunday. However we are fortunate that it is just rain and not tornadoes,fires or earthquakes.
Have a great weekend in your cute tent.
Hope all is well

Kaiti Klara said...

You are so cute. I miss you so stinking much!!! It looks like you and luke are having a good time at school:)

Sharon said...

My style of camping . . . inside where it is warm and no bugs!

Have fun with your “REAL” camping outdoors!

Papahashi said...

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend camping trip. I enjoy camping but like you the worst is getting up to go to the bathroom. Even worse than that is having to get up and go to the bathroom when its -25 (Check out my post from a couple years ago

Thanks for quoting me. The tent makes your living room look huge. I really would like to see the two men they are thinking of when they make a 2 man tent. They probably live in Oz or work for Willy Wonka.

Headlamps - what can I say other than everyone should have one.

Jordan Lawler said...

you guys are so cute. i love that you set that up in your living room. miss you.

Wilma said...

blog about your week end! I want to go to the Grand Canyon and we may have to do the camping thing also.

I would rather camp in a living room but...that's just me. The bathroom thing IS the worst.

KandyJill said...

hahaha you guys are so funny! we legit need to go camping this summer... if it isn't too difficult with your pregnancy. Perhaps you guys should just come out to shelley and we can camp in bradys back yard so if you need a potty break it isnt far! :)

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