Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy America Day

Canada Day was celebrated with Cafe Rio Salad and the movie THOR and grocery shopping.  Not even lying when i say that all of those are some of my favorite things. 

We decided to venture out to Driggs Idaho for some Celebrate America put on by the Huntsman family. 

It was a beautiful day.  I guess the Huntsman Family put on this celebration every year for free. 

There were activities earlier that day.. a hypnotist, dog show, funny man (i am not sure exactly what that means... comedian?) and face painting and other stuff.. i'm glad we weren't there all day, i might have died from heat exhaustion.

we did admire some of the classic cars as we waited in line for Luke to get and try his first ever funnel cake. 
Then we headed back to the little valley (on part of the Huntsman Spring resort).. as you can see there were lots of people there.. and we had to get our seats for the show. 

A philharmonic orchestra from BYU played some music... i thought of Grandma Takahashi when they started to play songs from The Sound Of Music (her favorite). 

The sun started to set.. and then Jon Huntsmans son introduced Jon Huntsman and his Wife.. who then introducted Glenn Beck... one of the real reasons we went to Driggs.  Luke's Dad, but mostly his sister Cassie has a love for Glenn Beck. 

He taught us all about our founding fathers, and about the national anthem and about the importance of celebrating the 4th with regards to our patriotism. (good thing i got my green card)

Then after there were fireworks.  We headed to the car to watch them there to avoid traffic.  And we underestimated just how good they would be, it was a good 30 minutes long and we left after about 10 minutes when we thought that it was the "finale".. and then watched them from the road for the next 20 minutes.  

I have never been to driggs and it was really beautiful over there.. I even saw some canola fields and it made me think of Southern Alberta..